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One would think that I, someone who claims to easily recognize patterns, would have twigged to the fact long before now, that if Easter is on the calendar, so is the full moon.

And that if things are going slightly askew, if I am having difficulty sleeping, then usually, la bella luna is involved.

But still, today I was surprised to see images of the moonrise in my social media feed.

Ah. That explains it. That explains the cats’ heightened state of touchiness, fussiness, grouchiness. (Or perhaps I project?)

That explains the string of 4 AM risings and subsequent zombie states that even cup after cup of caffeine cannot touch.

That explains the unsettled feeling, the spring fever itchiness, the frustration that there’s still too damn much snow on the ground!

I suppose it could also explain the visit to the house by a plainclothes police officer.

“Ma’am? A few questions, ma’am. Have you noticed anything unusual on your street lately? We are investigating the discovery of human remains on the walking trails.”

Oh, dear.

The name of the deceased has not yet been released. But a young man has been missing since March 24th.

Suddenly my problems seem a tad overblown.

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  1. Oh man! What a way to instantly have your worries made small. Great post, sad reason why.

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  2. OMG! That does put things in perspective. How awful. But thanks for the full moon reminder. Gives me time to prepare myself.

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  3. Good gosh, Maggie. Maybe just a tad overblown….. yikes.

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  4. Well that is certainly something I never expected you to be writing about from a place like Cobalt. I picture serene and idyllic. Of course, bad things happen everywhere but now you have a mystery, and perhaps a crime as well?? to ponder over.

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    • This is the second time in the period of 12 months where we have had police flying overhead searching for missing people. Last summer a woman disappeared – and now this young man. Not my idea of idyllic, either!

      And, it seems that in this week’s case, foul play was involved. Yuck.


  5. Wow – it does shake up perspective

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  6. One of the things my colleagues and I used to do to let off the steam that built up in our high pressure environment (yeah…police) was take long walks over the lunch hour and complain…

    One day while we were grousing, we watched as a severely crippled man hobbled over a snow bank and deftly worked his way across an icy street.

    My buddy then turned to me and said, “You know what? We have NO PROBLEMS.”

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  7. Nothing like the ugly face of reality to mess up a good pity party, is there? I did notice the full moon last night – the first it’s been warm enough (not freezing) to encourage me to walk up the driveway a ways while the furry girl did her pre-bed routine). Our snow is gone, the grass is greening, the daffodils and snowdrops are blooming, so my pity parties are growing fewer and fewer.

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  8. Yep, Maggie, that full moon messes up a lot of things! Wondered why my brain slowed down, and I shuffled around like a “zombie.” Thank god I didn’t stumble over a dead body. Now, that would snap we out of it right away. What’s the rest of that story? 📚🎶 Christine

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  9. That’s not really a nice dose of perspective. That poor family.
    Working in special ed gives me regular reality checks whenever I’m annoyed with my kids. I really don’t have troubles in comparison. Also, working in special ed, I can tell you the full moon effect is real.

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  10. Oh no. 😳Yep, Ms Moon wreaks much havoc. There has been much craziness this week ‘out there’.

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  11. Whoah….I guess its good that your own problems have been made small, but still…….

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  12. So sad, but I totally get what you are saying. Sometimes it takes a major tragedy for us to realize that what we are dealing with isn’t so very bad.

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  13. Saw the moon come up this evening, wish I had been out at the beach for it instead of in a subdivision. Still….small problem, you are right, compared to the family of a missing young man.

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  14. Mate ! – cup after cup of WHAT ? [grin] You should try a shot from my semi-professional machine: that’d really keep you on your toes. American coffee is weak, she said dismissively. Mais à part de tout cela, I grant that your niggles about the night would’ve needed to be reassessed ! 🙂

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  15. It was so nice to see you again in my comment section yesterday. It appears that somewhere along the line WP has dropped me from following you. Glad I came here to peek in on your blog and see that you are writing again.

    I admit that until you mentioned it, I’ve never really connected Easter to the full moon, although of course I knew the timing of Easter was related to the moon.

    Having the police come to your front door is always a bit disconcerting. Having it relate to the discovery of human remains is even more disturbing 😕

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  16. That’ll snap us right out of our blues, won’t it? Gosh that’s sad, maybe even scary.
    My theory on la bella luna is that she knows she grows more beautiful with her fullness and she wakes us/keeps us up to admire her.


  17. Oh, that is so sad to hear about a person missing.
    We had a funny moon here Friday night. It was covered with gauzy clouds, very unique. I posted a pic on Instagram, but forgot to put it on my blog.


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