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A friend who read Things that WERE Things sent me a note saying, “It’s fun to google vintage ads as the results range from ridiculous to hilarious to downright offensive. He sent along a couple of his favorites. In response, I sent him one that I found while writing an assignment for the Mining Engineering Technician program a few years back. And then I had a brilliant idea. I haven’t written […]

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For Suzanne. And Jean.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how the universe drops hints as it nudges you forward, backward, toward… I dunno which direction, to tell you the truth. But thanks to Suzanne and her tantalizing post about an intimate encounter with leftover pineapple, I remembered something. Something that at one time would have been very painful to recall, but this year, I completely forgot it. As is usually the case with my comments […]

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Things that WERE things

We’ve been helping clean out a friend’s mother’s house in preparation for the new owners. Her mother lived in this house since the 80’s and her grandparents lived there since the 50’s. Mother did not throw out a thing. Not. A. Thing. The attic, as well as cupboards, closets, bureaus, and the basement were filled to the literal rafters with stuff. Stuff  that has since been sorted for donation, for sale, […]

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