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You Had to be There

Did you just call me Fluffy?

You know how couples or best buds have fun with running gags? – you know, the meaningless “just between us” jokes; the “you had to be there” sayings. For example, anytime Reiner and I get in the car as we leave for a collecting trip, we high-five and holler, “Road Trip!”

Today’s WordPress prompt reminded me of the time when I was married to The One, and a particular line we’d say anytime either of us used the word ‘fluffy.’

I use the term “reminded” loosely, because I cannot recall the actual point of reference. It was an ad, THAT I remember, and I think it was for a fast-food joint. I did a quick google search to see if I could find a clip of the advertisement from the early “naughties” but came up empty.

If I recall correctly, the setting was a dim and smoky barroom in an old west saloon. Fierce looking cowboys sat at the poker table, placing their bets. Maybe? Not sure. The dialogue had the cowboys being addressed by name – Zeke, Obadiah, Smokey Joe, that sort of thing.

Now I’m wondering if there weren’t cats involved. Because at one point, one cowpoke says to the other, “Did you just call me Fluffy?’”

That was the gag – anytime either my ex or I said the word ‘fluffy,’ the other would say, ‘Did you just call me Fluffy?’ and we’d laugh and laugh and laugh.

Care to share your “in jokes” or running gags between you and your significant other and/or best pal? But now that I think of it, is there any point, since, after all, you had to be there?

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Inspired by the Daily Post: Fluff

And I’ve found the ad. I was close, but no cigar. No saloon either, but it was from 2001.



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  1. Triplets of Belleville was the origin of our line: “Dessert!” said as one of the old ladies put down a pot of popcorn-like popped dried tadpoles. And unless you knew some French you would not have known what they were, as there was no dialog, just the shaker labeled that in French.

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  2. You certainly retained the gist of the commercial. Funny, I don’t remember it at all.
    We have so many. So many. A lot of the times people don’t ‘get’ stuff in my blog is because it’s a wink to the inside joke.
    But I’ll tell you a related one. Years ago, Beauty Queen and I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru and ordered one Dr Pepper and one Mountain Dew. The voice behind the speaker asked, “Would you like fire sauce with that?”
    “With our drinks? Nah. Thanks.”
    We have never stopped rollin with LOLZ on that one!

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    • I have stumbled across your winks and nods a few times, and they make me smile – not that I have a clue of what’s going on, but that they are meaningful and intimate connections.

      Judging from the other comments here, and knowing that London, the city I was living in at the time was a test market, perhaps this Taco Bell ad didn’t have wide distribution. But it’s funny how it created in my memory the aura of a wild west bar room by dialogue only, eh?

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  3. Nothing particular with any significant other, but one that sticks in my mind was when we were driving past some desert mountains with little trails snow down it’s slopes, my 12 year old son made the comment that the snow was coming down “slowly by slowly”. For whatever reason that struck me as funny and memorable and is a phrase I use often in what I deem “appropriate” circumstances.

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  4. And then there are my salt water rivers. Don’t ask.

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  5. Ha! Maggie, I love this! My husband and I have this thing….I don’t even remember the movie it’s from. But….whenever we go out for a walk, he wants to walk. I want to WALK! So, I always turn around and say to him, ‘Come, on. Pick up the pace!” Now, anytime we are walking anywhere, he’ll turn to me and say, “Come one. Pick up the pace!” …for no apparent reason. And we laugh….Yeah, you had to be there..

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  6. Don’t remember that commercial at all, and also have no little inside jokes that I can think of, but I did have a cat named Fluffy once. A long haired orange tabby. Does that count for anything… 😉

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  7. I don’t recall this commercial either … but I do know what you mean about the inside jokes. There are a few phrases among Gilles, the boys, and I that are sure to get a laugh but are positively meaningless to anyone else … like “bah!” …and ‘want to buy a newspaper?’.

    Even the story behind them will draw blank expressions. You just had to be there.

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  8. We actually have a few but one that instantly comes to mind is. “That’s real good, Susie.” I’ll save the explanation for another time. 😊These are the ties that bind….

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  9. I repeat jokes so often that my wife doesn’t stand for it any more — chews me out . eg. her : ” I’m going to take a shower .” Me: ” Don’t take it too far . “

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    • LOL – don’t believe I’ve heard that one.

      I’m the joker in our household. Running Gags Mags. I’m surprised more people haven’t disavowed me.

      Even I make myself roll my eyes – for instance, this weekend we set the clocks back to regular time – so, an extra hour, right? I can’t help myself, but every year I wish people a “great long weekend.”

      They look at me funny, and I explain and slap my knee, and they continue to look at me funny…

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  10. Oh, my. Our relationship seems to have been built on those inside jokes…so very many, people outside our circle are always staring at us, while we laugh at each other ! Many of them have to do with lines from old movies…like Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. “Well, they were wrong then, weren’t they” “Damn your eyes…too late” “and, you won’t be angry ?”

    It is so interesting to us that our adult children have so many of these between them, that go back to childhood. Some we get, others we don’t. And that’s great !

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  11. Our inside joke comes from when were shopping and we overheard a man talking with his wife. He said to her: “we used the snot out of those oven mitts.” 👀 Naturally, we immediately adopted that phrase as our own wacky way of making each other laugh.

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  12. I have to be careful about terms (and endearments) from my prior marriage. They slip out sometimes at weird moments, no doubt inspired as you were with the “fluffy” moment. But my wife almost instinctively knows it’s related to a time from my past, and she then she tends to prime the pump of information from that period. I never know where this might lead — to laughter or a lower lip extended. So for me I let the mystery be inside my head. But I do admire how you can blog about it. – Marty

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    • Thanks, Marty, for the admiration

      I understand your hesitation, especially if the memories carry some emotional weight to them; they are not light and fluffy, you should excuse my choice of words.

      For me, enough time and distance allows me to detach. It might be the same for you, too, down the road.


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  13. Lemme see….

    To this day – I call the Winnebago campers Wiggle Bagels – because my little brother couldn’t figure out how to get his tongue to say the word properly.

    I also can’t hear any commercials for Menards (one of those home DIY hardware stores) without hearing my oldest singing “You save big money, when you shop for nards.”

    I’m the eye-roller generator in this family, but he’s more than ready to take the baton from me 😀

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  14. Great writing on the prompt. My husband have a couple. One had to do with an experience we had in a restaurant where the waiter asked if my husband wanted a bib type napkin. Seems like the restaurant provided special napkins for especially messy dishes. So somehow we ended up with “Bibs for everyone!” So that line still pops up once in a while.

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  15. When my sister calls, she always says “This is Dial-a-Horoscope” which was a joke we played on my father many years ago. We called him pretending to be a smutty horoscope a day phone call service his daughters had bought him for his birthday.

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  16. Oh my gosh, we have a ton of these things. Trouble is, they would probably leave everyone scratching their heads because THEY MAKE NO SENSE to anyone else without a lengthy explanation. One of those inside jokes won us a “Do You Know Your Spouse” type contest on a cruise ship once. The question was something like, “What is the first thing your spouse says to you in the morning?” The answer: “What?” See, it makes no sense without an explanation.

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  17. About 3 years ago while living and traveling in Asia, my husband, son and I were dumbfounded when a Vietnamese salesgirl in Hoi An did not want to refund our deposit for a pair of sandals she could not obtain.

    We grumbled at her unhappily in unison… to which she responded very sternly “NO more TALKING!” Wagged her finger at us and refunded the money. To this day we still use that phrase with each other when we deem a request to be unreasonable or annoying!



  18. I’m intrigued that you saw the saloon setting in you mind for this commercial. Anyway, my husband’s dog (my step dog) the late great bug hunter, “Beep,” used to like to kill the large palmetto bugs that get into the house in the summer. She’d attack them and husband David, would say, “Get that bug, Beep!” Even though Beep has crossed over the rainbow bridge, whenever David squashes a bug, he says, “Get that bug, Beep.” People have no idea what he’s talking about unless he tells them about Beep.

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  19. I love the simpatico of an inside joke, and I LOVE that commercial. I remember it!

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