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Change of Perspective

In reviewing my last few posts, I’m rather appalled by the complaining tone that underscores my writing. Today, time for a change of perspective.

Was school easy or difficult for you? How so?

Grade school was a piece of cake. Ditto the first and second tours at community college.  (Advertising Art, aka Graphic Design for one year and a decade later, Developmental Service Worker Program for three.)

The third, the most recent, and so help me, the final round of school was a challenge. Partly because I was not as nimble mentally,  partly the “distance learning” delivery method of the content, and partly the sheer volume of the workload. I did fine with the program – Mining Engineering Technician – more than fine, actually, but I never did get to use the learning in the way I had intended.

Which was to get a job in mining. Instead, I retired to a mining town, and I certainly appreciate the fact that I have the vocabulary to join in discussion about hoist rooms and crown pillars and tailings ponds. I don’t regret the experience. This, in spite of the tears and the temper tantrums. I came away from the program with new computer skills – I made my first PowerPoint presentation and my first movie. Plus, let us not forget, drama and conflict make for great blog fodder!

List some of your favorite types of animals.

Theses days? These guys.

Dot and Asbolane making themselves to home.

The kittens moved in permanently the third week of September. They’ve been to the vet’s for their shots, and are due for round two in a couple of weeks. These are the best traveling cats I have ever known. NOT A PEEP! What a relief! The house looks like a romper room. (Not complaining. Much) Reiner loves the kittens to bits and comes home from the dollar store with all manner of pet toys.

The other good news is that Mr. Black Cat adores the kitties. They play together and groom one another. It such a pleasure to watch them engage that way.

That level of friendship is something that I had hoped would happen between Oscar and Mr. B. The older cats have come a long way from those days when they lay in wait to tear each other’s throats out. Since the move, they share the same perch, sometimes even touching; they play together, and eat peacefully at the same station.

That is, they used to, until Oscar suffered an emotional setback. That’s what I’m calling it for lack of a better diagnosis. You see, we have had many overnight visitors stay with us lately, and Oscar hid under the couch for days at a time, only to come out for intake and output. It’s been two weeks now, since our last house-guest departed, and Oscar is still under the couch.

Before the guests, he was doing fine, and like Black Cat, he played and cuddled with the kittens. If the activity level got too intense for him, he excused himself and took refuge in the family room.  But something has changed and it’s troubling to see Oscar in such a state. I wish I knew what was wrong, and I wish I could assure him that he is safe and that the coast is clear.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Today, the weather changed to gloomy and damp. But the images below help to keep the mood bright and warm. Enjoy!


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Inspired by Cee’s and this week’s Share Your World            

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36 replies

  1. Beautiful pictures. I always appreciate seeing the changing leaves. I’m so sorry that Oscar is not doing well. It’s so hard when you can’t reason with them and explain that everything is OK. I had issues like that with my very shy kitty and it broke my heart. I hope Oscar is doing better soon and ventures out from his “safe” place.

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  2. Oh, the blue of those skies ! Nice post, Maggie. And I, for one, didn’t feel the complaining mood in your recent posts ???

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  3. Wonderful photos. Thanks for the positivity vibes Maggie. Those kitties are just too cute.

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  4. I was out most of second grade – my family moved cross-country and I was hospitalized for water on the knee – when I did return, I didn’t know how to tell time. Scared the beejesus out of me!

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  5. The 2 kittens are so cute! I can see why Reiner is smitten 🙂
    … but poor Oscar. That would break my heart too.

    It looks like you’ve had a beautiful fall. Sadly, the rain has now started so I think we’ve seen the end of that glorious warm autumn weather. I learned something new from this post though … I didn’t realize those big hills in the north were likely the ‘output’ from mining. Duh – it makes so much sense now.

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    • We are experiencing the same weather system – gray and damp moved in yesterday – but still warm! I saw a huge dragonfly in the garden yesterday.

      This particular “mountain” sticks out like a sore thumb in otherwise flat terrain – but to the “uninitiated” it would easily be mistaken as a natural structure, not manmade.


  6. Fab photos! 🙂
    I’m glad the the felines are getting along so well, that’s always nice. Maybe you could try some of the calming spray for Oscar? Poor guy. My big boy cat used to freak out about company like that, run off and be a hidey cat. Since we moved here, he’s all friendly and gregarious. Vet said probably something bad happened with company present and he associated it as company = bad things. It’s a shame cats owe us no explanations for their behavior.
    Whenever I think about further ed, I always think about The Mister and other friends who’ve gone back for more, and OH how different it is now. Master’s work seems daunting to me for exactly for the reasons you listed.
    I hope you have a great week and get to enjoy more of what’s offered up in your photos 🙂

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  7. Poor Oscar. Parker hides for hours at a time–my house is not big!–and then she comes out by squeezing between the closet’s sliding doors…..who knew she was in the closet? Is Oscar eating? The little ones are adorable, Maggie. So glad they are safe and sound…and Grandpa Reiner loves them. 🙂

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  8. Are these the kitties that were going to live outside? I think they’re adorable.

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  9. Nice post, Maggie. Love the fall photos and of course the cats are precious. Didn’t think your last post was that complaining. You had things on your mind that needed to be told. Your followers are good listeners. Learning anything in later years (past the usual age group) is always harder, however it builds up cognitive reserve. Happy Week! 😊Christine

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  10. Your new kittens are making themselves right at home…they’re adorable!

    Poor Oscar, though…but as long as he’s still inputting and outputting, he’s OK. He’ll come back out and join the rest of the family when he’s ready.

    Lovely outdoor shots as always, as well.

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  11. Beautiful cats! Beautiful shots!

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  12. Cee’s questions bring out the best in people. I’m convinced of it. Your photos with blue skies charm me. So pretty. Hoping that this post is exactly what you needed to get you back on the track you want to be on.

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  13. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week.


  14. ” Blog fodder ” is a great term !

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  15. You could .( I won’t tell.)

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