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The Other Day, I Met a Bear

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The other day, I met a bear,

In a manner of speaking. He was out. I was in, standing at the kitchen window.

A great big bear,

It has been drawn to my attention that I exaggerate. It was a cub. A well-fed, maybe two-feet-at-the-shoulder cub.

A way out there.

He was out. I was in, etc., etc. By this time, my exclamations of bear!Bear!BEAR! have drawn the notice of the man of the house.

He sized up me.

How could he NOT take notice of me? The windows were wide open and I was dancing about, scrambling for the camera while trying to keep one eye on the animal. Poor thing probably had conniptions upon hearing me holler. I did not, as you will notice, manage to find the camera.

I sized up him.

Rather, hubby did the sizing. Hence the corrections as regards cub versus adult.

There is no need to repeat the additional stanzas of the tune. Boo-Boo Bear vamoosed, and he has no doubt updated his territory maps to indicate “Crazy Lady” on Nipissing Hill.

***   ***   ***

Want to know more about American Black Bears? Check out the Wikipedia page, wherein you will learn that “the biggest wild American black bear ever recorded was a male from New Brunswick, shot in November 1972, that weighed 409 kg (902 lb) after it had been dressed, meaning it weighed an estimated 500 kg (1,100 lb) in life, and measured 2.41 m (7.9 ft) long.”

Can you imagine my reaction if THAT fellow wandered through the yard? YIKES!


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50 replies

  1. Next time shhhhhh. Run get your camera and take a dang picture! We want to see!

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  2. Omg, I would have gone splat!!

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  3. A picture would be nice, but that’s a very good description. I’ll stick with squirrels and bunnies.


  4. Aww…I understand. We have lots of them rambling about here in Florida. Once when I was driving to work on the highway, a cub crossed the road, followed by its mother. That wass before cell phone cameras and I didn’t have mine with me. 😞That was close enough for me.

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    • Years ago at my brother’s cottage we saw a bear from safe inside. Same reaction – “Get the camera!” And of course, all we managed to achieve was a furry blurry shot of his butt as he ran down the driveway and out of the frame of the picture.

      It always takes me by surprise to read about animals such as bears and panthers that are found in Florida. Clearly I have a blank spot in my understanding of the wildlife there – furry creatures and warm sunny beaches don’t mix, in my idea of Floridian fauna. Weird, eh?


  5. I’d have been squealing all the way to the basement!

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  6. That’s exciting. I think it’s charming and scary in equal measures. Will you be venturing outside ever again now that you’ve seen Boo-Boo Bear?

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    • Actually, I was more excited to see the bear than anything else. The sighting hasn’t changed my attitude of being outside. I’ve always been inclined to scan the area ahead of me first – or to make my presence known so that I won’t catch a creature unaware. I shall certainly continue that practice!

      I will admit, though, that I’m glad hibernation season is upon us. One less thing to worry about!

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  7. We don’t really need a picture…take care out there. Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my.

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  8. My daughter gets kangaroos in her front yard around dusk. She doesn’t mind, but the dog is not impressed.

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  9. There are things that make me think inside, doors and windows shut, is the best place to be. A bear of whatever size, would be one. Where there is small, there is bound to be larger. Some days a mouse would do it.

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  10. From kittens, to foxes, to bears… sure live in a lively place, Maggie.

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  11. I’m in your camp on this one, Maggie. I would NOT be taking my eye off that critter – safely inside the house or not. Forgot the camera. Your description was WAY BETTER than any possible picture …

    “How could he NOT take notice of me? The windows were wide open and I was dancing about, scrambling for the camera while trying to keep one eye on the animal”.

    Yup, I know exactly how that looks 😉

    Raccoons freak me out so I don’t want to consider what a close encounter with a bear would be like.

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    • I wasn’t afraid as much as I could have been. Or perhaps, as I should have been. I was more excited by finally laying eyes on the creature. But the fact that this is now the second sighting (Reiner figures it’s the same cub he saw out by the garage some weeks ago) we are obviously on the bear’s foraging route.

      It’s easy for me to be cavalier from the safety of the house. But if I found myself face-to-snout like you and your encounter with the raccoon on the roof? That’s a whole ‘nuther level of messy pants, I assure you!


  12. NO. I cannot imagine! I have friends who’ve had all these beasts in their yards, or even in their homes — bears, mountain lions, alligators. NOPE. Not here. Wildest thing I’ve had in my home was a raccoon. The worst predator round these parts is coyote and we don’t see them in the city. I can assure you if I saw a coyote out my kitchen window I would be MORE THAN CRAZY! lol Bad enough to hear them in the country!
    Your reaction was described to perfection!

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  13. He must have misread the “Maggie’s Diner-Open for Lunch” sign… 😉

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  14. Maybe the bear was doing a Goldilocks in reverse. Had you not been there he might have checked out your chairs, your porridge and your beds to see which one was “just right”.

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  15. Don made the Goldilocks link first – and did it well. Great account of a close encounter

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  16. I think I can picture it just fine without you having to rush to find the camera. Some moments just need to be experienced. And I, too, am sure you’ll see him again. Keep the garbage and the pets inside.

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  17. Maybe he was just there to borrow a cup of sugar?

    Good neighbor policy and all that 😀

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  18. How cool! And I think I would have reacted the exact same way you did!

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  19. Hello.

    Bear are no joke.

    I hope never to come across one.

    Neil S. (Yeah, Another Blogger)

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