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A Trifle for One-Liner Wednesday

‘Nugatory’ is a word.

***   ***   ***

No, it’s not a phone typo.

It’s not even a MS Word typo, which I expected when I misspelled ‘negatory.’

Is it a useless word?

In a word, yes.

Or no, since it merits an entry in the Oxford Dictionary:

Early 17th century: from Latin nugatorius, from nugari ‘to trifle’, from nugae ‘jests’.

Nugatory: A cross between a trifle and a nougat? Click for Source


***   ***   ***

You can join in the fun over at Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday


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32 replies

  1. Now, THAT looks like a flavor profile I could get behind! Lol.

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  2. Ok, so now I’m hungry! For a nugatory!

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  3. Well, golly. You learn something new every day. I’m saving that one because I don’t think it’s a nugatory word at all.

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  4. Sounds like someplace naughty sweets go when they die…just naughty ones, mind you. The truly evil ones go to Swell.

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  5. I’m not sure I’d like that. I seem to focus pretty tight on chocolate without a lot of extras. But, great post. I mean it’s still about a candy thing 🙂


  6. Yes please. I’d like a thick slice of nugatory … which, by the way, spellcheck wanted to change to negatory. Sheesh – is spellcheck trying to send me a message about my food choices?


  7. I like your definition of nugatory. I didn’t know there was such a word.

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  8. You just gave nugatory a value and created a paradox!


  9. Thus begins my quest for a nugatory. 🙂 Thanks for this, Maggie! 😀


  10. I feel a bit nugatorious in the morning . Never knew what it was called before .

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  11. I don’t know but that dessert looks mighty enticing!


  12. Oh I do so love to learn delicious new words! 😛

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  13. Sounds like purgatory for dessert

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