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Share Your World – July 3, 2017

Time to catch up with my chums here on WP – what better way than by participating in Cee’s Share Your World!

For your main meal do you prefer sweet and sour, hot and spicy, spicy and sweet, bitter, salty, bland or other?

Spicy, because we don’t do salty in this house. Reiner has elevated blood pressure. As do I, so it happens. I know this because, YAY! We found a family doctor!

I met with my new MD on Tuesday. I did not grumble like I usually do when asked to get a mammogram, to get a bunch of blood drawn for routine baseline records, to go to Wal-Mart to have my BP recorded three times before I attend the follow-up on the 19th.

All paid for by Ontario’s health care plan. Not a penny out of my pocket. Other than what I happily pay in taxes.

I am deeply grateful. I know what my online friends south of the border are up against.

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

Ha! When I read that question, I read junk FOOD. Nice, salty junk food…


We keep a fairly clutter-free house. Cat hair, on the other hand…

What daily habit would you like to introduce to your life?

Oh boy, this was a long winter, sitting on my butt for long periods of time.  Then the spring, with the cold, and the wet, and the bugs and sometimes all three at once. No wonder my blood pressure has crept up. I want to get out and walk daily, even if it’s for a short stretch.

If you were to perform in the circus, what would you do? 

Ring Master. I’ve enjoyed being Mistress of Ceremony. And at a circus? It’s the only way I could put my uncoordinated, non-physically fit, and introverted self into the middle of a throng without fleeing the scene.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

This past week, I was busy with visitors and gardening and whatnot. Between the rain-showers, that is.

I yanked all of the heat-loving plants that have been languishing in my garden for weeks now. Cucumbers and squash are compost. The sweet peppers are next if this week’s warm spell doesn’t encourage a rally. Even the dill weed that grows like a, um, weed hasn’t grown past the sprout stage. Spinach is pitiful, as are the tomatoes. The mesclun lettuce mix is getting there, but man, it’s slow. The only thing that doesn’t mind the cold are the peas, radishes, and beets. I cannot comment on the celeriac because what the heck do I know from celeriac?

Oh! I forgot! My rhubarb patch has been awesome! I’ve had four harvests and could probably stretch it to five, but the  post office lady surprised us with THREE large cartons of rhubarb from her garden. She said that they have a huge stand of the stuff and no one at home enjoys it. I don’t know what I love more: the year’s supply of rhubarb stored in my freezer or the outstanding generosity of the post office lady!

Speaking of being centre ring: I don’t mind crowds if I’m teaching. For instance, I’m leading a kids’ talk on rocks and minerals this Thursday at the library. Looking forward to that. I like watching the kids’ eyes light up when they realize how heavy a rock can be because of it’s metal content. Or seeing them marvel at a hunk of salt that comes from Goderich and making the connection between the mineral, the mine, and their, um, potato chips!




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  1. I want to adopt a regular walking routine, too. I like rhubarb so much, but it’s difficult to grow around here. I buy what I can frozen, but I remember when I was a girl and we’d pick it fresh out of the garden– then mom would stew it with lots of sugar. Yum.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this week. 😀

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  3. Our winter and spring sabotaged my walking routine too, and now the heat dissuades me. I could ride my Sit’n Cycle, but. . .

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  4. So…you’ve been following the titanic fiasco of American Politics and health care, no? How can you stand it? There’s so much piss in the wind around here, I need to shower continually.

    And all I can do is continue to look after the tiny slice of the Earth I’ve adopted (or has she adopted me? It’s difficult to tell sometimes…) and hope that someone surfaces from the toilet of DC soon with a level head.

    Preferably before someone withOUT a level head turns DC into a smoking crater.

    I’m salty, all the way…they’ll have to pry my pink salt-grinder out of my cold, dead hands.

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    • Yes, unfortunately, I’ve been following the news, in spite of my declarations to cut back. I sure do know a whole lot more about the US political system than ever before.

      I’ve also toyed with the idea of writing the senators and congressmen in each state to voice my opinion. I strongly object when someone says, “Thank goodness it’s not our problem.”

      I’m sorry, but I believe it is. First of all, there are 45 wannabe’s in every political system, including Canada’s. Secondly, ours is a global economy and when the heads of drug and chemical and military companies are given a free pass in the US, everyone on the planet is at risk (speaking of smoking craters.)


  5. Thanks a always Maggie . I love keeping up with your adventures via your blog. Best wishes with the walking! And here’s hoping for a rally in your garden!

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  6. I’m following a strict sitting on my butt for long periods followed by regular walks. It seems to be working.

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  7. I, like many Americans, envy your healthcare system. My husband and I are covered under our former employer (at least for now, but uncertainty breeds uncertainty), but having the comfort of a system that actually sees healthcare as a right not a privilege, must be liberating.

    Enjoy your walks – that’s my favorite form of exercise too.

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    • Just this morning I read a post on Upworthy about how a 5-year-old child from the US broke his leg and his mom raised exactly $0.00 to pay for the bills. How did she do it? Why, the family lives in Canada now, of course.

      Now, here I am, and I can’t decide if this was a spoof, or that the author was being ironic. But, since it was on Upworthy, the piece was sincere and meant to be inspiring.

      Will think of you on my morning stroll!

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  8. Blogging has certainly made me considerably more grateful for the blessings I have that I used to take for granted – like healthcare. I think about the implications of last year’s bike accident if I hadn’t had healthcare. Yikes :/

    It’s funny how people seem to be either Team Salt or Team Sugar. The problem is they are evil twins regardless of which one you lean towards. I’m so glad I’m not attracted to salty snacks like potato chips. I wish I could say the same thing about chocolate, or licorice, or doughnuts, or ….

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  9. Must be frustrating about the garden, although perhaps your love of rhubarb makes up for the loss of veggies 😉
    It’s always brings a great deal of enjoyment to me when you write about every new thing that you have discovered or are taking part in as a resident of Cobalt. Your own pleasure shows clearly in your writing Maggie!

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    • It is frustrating! And another thing to be grateful for, actually, because I think of the people who moved here first in the late 1800’s – the area just to the north in the Claybelt was settled first by farmers. I can always buy my greens at the grocery. Those folks did without if they couldn’t harvest from their own garden.

      Thank you for your lovely comment Deb. I’m grinning, ear-to-ear!

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  10. I’d like to see you as ring master. How do you look in a top hat? If you really want to walk every day, we could lend you a certain Irish Setter who shall remain nameless 😏

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  11. I can’t imagine being ringmaster. It takes all kinds ;). So happy you are taking care of your health! Salt is my little devil, let me tell you.

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  12. Oh, Maggie–you and I will both be Ring Masters! I don’t do this list but did comment on Cee’s blog that I would just have to be Ring Master. Too funny. So glad you found a doctor. It is important to know that you really are as good as you feel. You can have the spicy–pass the sweets for me!

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  13. Mistress of Ceremony

    You would make a great one!

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  14. Haha I totally thought the same about hiding junk… and for the record, I would have to do both!!

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  15. Walking is my favorite exercise too, although sometimes the weather makes it impossible. As for my food preferences, I like both sweet and salty!

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  16. I’m with you on the ringmaster thing. Just the idea of me in a leotard up on the high wire sends me into conniptions.

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  17. Pity about your garden’s progress this summer 😦 I feel for you. So much effort. But hey, I love peas, and I don’t grow any (yet.) Our rains have been consistent, so along with that, the weeds have, too. What the weeding situation looks like from last Friday to now anguishes me! lol AGAIN, Weeds? AGAIN?!?
    I wish Moo and I could attend your mineral talk 🙂

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  18. Interesting – no salt here either, met a new doctor on Monday, blood pressure is borderline high and was told to visit Walmart for checking, and need to walk a little more too because pulling weeds may be exercise but it doesn’t translate to steps. 🙂

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  19. Our last summer was hopeless for me with the vegetables, apart from zucchini. Plenty of figs though!
    Strange how sometimes things grow successfully and other times, not! Good to hear you have plenty of rhubarb.

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    • It is puzzling to the extreme the success (or not) of plants. I re-seeded the spinach yesterday – I’ve never had that fail – it’s such a cold-tolerant plant – I’ve even seeded it in November to harvest after winter in April. Ah well, I take some comfort in knowing my garden is not the only one! Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that my zucchini is also doing nicely. 🙂


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