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Don’t Put Anything Near The 2 Windows

When we were at Florence’s last week, I didn’t take pictures of the interior. Another time, perhaps.

However, I did see some rustic outbuildings that caught my eye. She gave me a very short tour of the grounds. Unfortunately the black flies descended and drove her indoors.

Now that means I not only would like permission to document the original dining and living rooms, I need to get the answer to this note that I found on the barn door:

Don’t Put Anything Near the 2 Windows… Like That Dresser

Here’s what else I found that fills the bill for Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Also, a couple of drive sheds and an ore house.

Finally, I couldn’t resist a non-door shot. Florence was telling us how she helped apply the preservative to the wooden shakes that cover her house.

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Thursday Doors is a weekly photo feature hosted by the Norm Frampton atĀ Norm 2.0

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51 replies

  1. What a beautiful home, I love the wood encasing it. Such a curious note, I hope you find out what it means.

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  2. These are great photos. The note is very special – had someone once put the dresser in the wrong place? Or was there a strong likelihood they might? Lovely!


  3. I wonder if the windows leaked when it rained and they did not want the dresser getting ruined. An ore house? Never heard of it spelled that way (wink, wink), but I like it.

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  4. My mind is wandering around that note. Leaky windows? Private domain of the barn cat? Let’s not help the prisoner escape? I’m going with the cat. I’ll bet he even scratched out the note.

    Great doors, Maggie. I love the weathered wood.

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  5. So the cow wrote the note? I didn’t think they had an appreciation for feng shui.
    One of the many things I appreciate about your blog Maggie, we not only get exposure to some amazing photos (loved the weathered doors btw- and would be great to try to sketch), and your crisp prose… we also get free education.

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  6. Cool door photos. Very linear.

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  7. Allow me to advance the theory that there are no windows and never was a dresser – but that the note is a piece a conceptual art. People around here are used to things like that and anyone who has driven through Minnesota and observed the road signs put up by MNDOT will appreciate what I am suggesting.

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  8. The wood. The tin in various colors of weathering. The greens of new growth. You’ve got a solid eye for good photo compositions, Maggie. Keep ’em coming…

    But I have to agree with some of your other posters…we simply MUST know the meaning behind that note tacked to the door. Especially the ‘that’ dresser bit.


  9. Fab finds! I love all that rustic stuff — and sometimes, actual rust itself. The contrast of the one door with the slanted woodwork — OOH! Well done, Maggie’s eye, well done! šŸ™‚


  10. omg – that tin building brought back memories! We had a tin barn at the back of our property when I was growing up. It had big wooden doors like the ones in the 5th photo. I DID NOT go in there – ever. There was any number of potential horrors in there, and for me, ignorance was bliss šŸ˜‰


  11. Love the multi-colours of the tin barn šŸ™‚

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  12. Tin structures, rust, weathered old doors…great shots!
    I have no idea about that note but I suspect there’s an interesting story in it, if you find out what it’s all about šŸ™‚

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  13. Love the various textures with the tin & the wood. What a curious note! I wonderful if you will ever discover its meaning!

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  14. Maybe because it was special and in case there was a storm…broken windows? Or perhaps sunlight would cause it to fade. Interesting. I love all the outbuildings


  15. hmmm, maybe the note referred to an interior decorator’s comment on furniture placement? I like this post so much that I am accepting your implied offer to reblog it on my own blog, SOMETIMES. Thanks!

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  16. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:

    Here’s a great blog that just came to my attention…different and delightful!

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  17. Great door gallery, but the note takes the day! šŸ™‚


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  18. I love photos of buildings like this, especially doors (and staircases).


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