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Share Your World May 22, 2017


Stop the presses! Last week was a big week!  Tons of fun and excitement!

I had my hair cut.

It’s been exactly a year. Which for me, is unusual. Based on other bloggers’ answers to Cee’s Share Your World, I guess I’m in good company: those who are long of lock and seldom shorn. But I figured that since I am Master (Mistress?) of ceremonies for the Cobalt Historical Society’s Heritage Symposium on June 3rd, I should probably look semi-presentable.

While I waited for my turn at the salon, I flipped through the stacks of magazines and puzzle books. Nothing caught my fancy. They had a Sudoku book, but that kind of logical/numerical thinking makes my brain hurt. I prefer word puzzles, cryptic crossword especially. When I lived with The Performer, one of our favourite pastimes was solving puzzles in Games Magazine which, at the time, was available in hard-copy only. On our date nights, we’d cozy up on the couch and crack open the magazine. We “clicked” when we worked on the solutions… almost like we shared a brain.

(Solving cryptic crossword puzzles was what we did well together. Solving our own puzzling issues was another matter entirely.)

So, that’s the news from last week. Oh, that and the fact that I’ve fallen into a funk again. Not unlike this past March when I felt that I was wasting time by marking time.

I (naïvely) figure that now spring is here, I “should be” productive, I should accomplish something: gardening, long walks, enjoying the outdoors. Reiner built a wooden raised garden box, and it’s been sitting empty for a couple of weeks. We’ve been waiting on a delivery of topsoil. (What can I say? It’s a different time zone up here.)

Even if the garden was ready for seeding, the weather has been lousy. Snow earlier in the month, a day or two of sun, and then wall-to-wall rain.

Bah humbug!

In my drafts folder I have a post called “Gardens I Have Known.” If I find the motivation, I will take the time to scan images of the beautiful perennial beds that I built from the… um, ground up. But over the years and the 18 moves, I’ve lost the desire for anything other than “easy does it.” I’ve been uprooted (literally and figuratively) so many times, I have lost the desire to establish a new, large-scale garden. Especially now with the shorter, colder season. Especially now, with my old(er) and occasionally rebellious body.

This is not a bad thing, this “downsizing” in the garden department. I’m perfectly content with the wildflowers, shrubs and lichens and mosses that grow up here. Perfectly content. But that’s passive talk! That’s sitting still and enjoying and relaxing and breathing deeply!

And I say that like it’s a bad thing!

It’s not. I know it’s not. Well, my heart knows it. My brain is taking its sweet time catching up. As a wise friend says, my compass is still adjusting to my new home and my new retirement status.

The topsoil guy is coming tomorrow. I hope.

Friends are stopping by to visit on Wednesday.

Yes, rain is in the forecast. But the sun will shine, too.

***   ***   ***

Inspired by Cee’s Share Your World and the questions:

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?
How often do you get a haircut?
In regards to puzzle what’s your choice: jigsaw, crossword, word search or numeric puzzles?
How many cities have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?



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39 replies

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this week.

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  2. Someone very wise once told me should is just another word for guilt and I think she’s right. You will garden when you feel like it – or not – and in the meantime enjoy all the other things you enjoy like lichens and history and minerals. The funk too shall pass.

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  3. Do as much or as little gardening as you want. As long as your enjoying yourself, it is all good.

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  4. It all sounds good to me 🙂 I keep adding perennials and shrubs so one day I can do as much as I like and if I’m not up to it, it’ll be easy for some landscape people. I would love to see gardens you’ve established previously. It’s an important thing to some buyers, an established garden. I’m appreciating things that have been growing for almost a century here. Who doesn’t enjoy the lichens, wildflowers, and moss? Okay, well not the moss that grows on the house, but otherwise, yeah?
    Have a GREAT week! Flip that hair around! 😉

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  5. I hope the adjustment continues and is spurred on by warm weather and sunshine. Put that topsoil to work.

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  6. Are you planning flowers or vegetables or both? I really miss working in the dirt, but most every joint in my body objects in one way or another to garden activities now.

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    • Mostly herbs and veggies. I transplanted some day-lilies last year and hope that they naturalize. The rest of the blooming plants are natural – wild rose, orchid, and many others that I haven’t identified yet.

      You have my sympathies about the joint pain. That’s the other reason we are building a raised bed to make it easier on the knees and back.


  7. As time goes by, “easy does it” becomes more important. Time now to enjoy more and “should” less, but that’s more easily said than done.

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  8. Seems weather has a lot to do with mood for you, Maggie. Can be a hard adjustment , and in a new environment too. Remember how your garden grew in the past! I’m with Dan…put that topsoil to work! 🎉Christine

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  9. I haven’t been able to have a vegetable garden for a few years now because I’ve been traveling during our prime summer planting and harvesting months. The first year it was ok because we had a bumper crop of volunteer tomatoes, but last year, not so much. I’m afraid this year it’s not looking good either. I hope you have good luck with yours. I can’t imagine only cutting my hair once a year, but it sounds very freeing.

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    • Thanks, Janis – you have water issues to contend with too, if I recall correctly.

      I wear my hair with bangs – so need them trimmed from time to time – Reiner helps with that. Otherwise, yes, it’s wash and wear for me. 🙂

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  10. I think I’m the other way round: my head says it’s OK at my age to sit still and enjoy, but my heart still nags about being constantly active and productive. I think my generation imbibed guilt with its mother’s milk.

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  11. I like the way you have approached the Share-Your-World questions. Very clever to disguise your answers into a commentary on your month.

    Congratulations on your upcoming Master of Ceremonies stint. That’s a tough job for any event, but I’m sure you will handle it with your usual professionalism and a touch of humour 🙂

    … and gardening? Well, I’m the last person to ever criticism someone else’s efforts when it comes to growing things. I’m all wishful thinking. When you’re ready, you’ll get it done.

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    • Thank you! I didn’t care for the choppiness of the Q&A format for this particular installment. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I’m nervous about the symposium – only a little – everyone knows everyone, except for me. So this will be a chance to expand my circle. I’m looking forward to learning more about the area and meeting new people.


  12. I think it’s easy sometimes to look at the calendar or experience an event of one sort or another and think, “I should be feeling X” especially if that’s what usually happens – and it can be disconcerting to feel otherwise. On the plus side, when I’m being fair I notice it also works the other way; things I’m dreading or worrying about aren’t necessarily as bad as I expect.

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    • You nailed it! Exactly! It’s Easter: I should see crocus, but all I see is snow. It’s Victoria Day weekend, I should see lilac – all I see are bare branches. All the while my friends down south are sharing images of their gardens in full and magnificent flower.

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  13. I wonder if you’ve picked up that I set cryptic crosswords for 20 years?

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  14. I get my hair cut about every 6-8 weeks, so the idea of going for a year is intriguing to me. Life might be easier that way, but with all my curls I might end up looking like Bette Midler’s character in Hocus Pocus. And that wouldn’t do at all!

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  15. I think you should give yourself a break on the garden issue. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, so if it feels like a chore to do everything yourself, then don’t! You may get the urge to plant a more elaborate garden some day, but until then, just do what feels right. Best wishes to you!

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  16. There’s no way I can criticize your gardening…I’ve a brown thumb. Plants wither and die at the mere suggestion of my tending them.

    I’m currently on year 8 of no hair cuts. I’ve been dithering over getting some of the length chopped off for around a year, now…but still have not gone into the salon. I like the long & flowy, even though it likes to make a nuisance of itself regularly.

    Plus, I think I look weird with short hair.


  17. I had a haircut yesterday. I get mine professionally cut maybe 4 times a year…maybe. I always start out with such hope but I end up looking just like me. Then I am annoyed that I didn’t just cut it myself like I always do and save money. As for gardening, I hurt my back last week which made planting my tomato plants difficult but I got them in. I have cut back on how much gardening I do. Like you my retirement compass has adjusted in many ways.

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