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Changing Seasons – May 2017

What better way to make use of a rainy day than prepare the monthly contribution of Changing Seasons. Better than sitting and moping, right? A short walk from home is the McKinnley Darragh Mine mill site. This is where it all began for the silver mining rush. In 1903, two railway workers, Mr. McKinley and Mr. Darragh trod through the woods looking for timber to use as railway ties. Instead, they found […]

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Share Your World May 22, 2017

  Stop the presses! Last week was a big week!  Tons of fun and excitement! I had my hair cut. It’s been exactly a year. Which for me, is unusual. Based on other bloggers’ answers to Cee’s Share Your World, I guess I’m in good company: those who are long of lock and seldom shorn. But I figured that since I am Master (Mistress?) of ceremonies for the Cobalt Historical […]

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Vote for Dan!

Or not, as he says. But Dan has my vote because he inspired me to follow through. And to finally make good use of one of the thousands of pictures I’ve collected that are shot through with wires. It comes with the territory up here. I’m not a regular contributor to Linda Hill’s weekly Wednesday challenge, but I do read the entries every week. I enjoy it. You will too. All […]

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Cobalt Lake Mine Mill Site

Earlier, I wrote about a mine at the north end of Cobalt Lake. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the mine site at the south end. Unlike the Right of Way Mine site where several buildings still stand rusty but intact, most of the buildings at the Cobalt Lake Mine and mill are gone. Only the concrete foundations and some walls remain. The property has been rehabilitated by Agnico Eagle, […]

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… very deep bruising can take forever to come through. A nurse’s observation when asked how long it would take a war wound to heal. I kinda lost it, when I read that. From Louisa Young’s WWI love story, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You ***   ***   *** This post brought to you by Linda Gill and her One-Liner Wednesday

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Postcards – An Understatement

Dear Aunt Catherine We arrived safe and sound. Had a lovely trip. We weren’t a bit tired. Are stopping at Hotel Anselme about two miles from Anthony’s home. Canada is a lovely country, but it is rather cool. Love, Nellie ***   ***   *** Today is the third (or is it fourth? I’ve lost count) day of crappy weather here in good old Cobalt. Rain, wind, and now SNOW! And […]

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