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Changing Seasons – April 2017

As the month of April unfolded and as I started to collect images for this monthly blog post, frankly, I considered giving this entry a pass. The idea, essentially as I see it, is to show how the countryside changes from month to month.  January I showed you snow, February snow, March… more snow… and at the outset, April wasn’t much different. But thirty days later, I’m happy to report, we are essentially snow free! Sure, in the deep, unlit recesses of the woods, you might encounter a pod of gritty granular grey stuff. But I’m here to declare, it’s spring in Cobalt!

Next stop? Black flies!

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Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Max at Cardinal Guzman.

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  1. Sometimes it seems Spring is especially slow in making an appearance, but how lovely when it finally does!

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  2. I love the photos, Maggie. Thanks for the view of Cobalt.

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  3. Wonderful photos, that old piece of mining equipment looks like it just wants to say something.

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  4. Love that mining cart thingy! Honestly, do you feel like a kid again, all these natural explorations and old things to photograph? It’s gorgeous and interesting where you live.

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  5. I squealed the first time I saw pussy willows a few weeks ago. You’re right – they shout ‘SPRING!!’
    Great photos, Maggie … I especially like the duck pond and the ruins. Ooooo – ruins! 🙂

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  6. Rust! I love rust! Black flies, on the other hand, sound dreadful. Are they big, or just small and annoying?

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    • Oh, black flies – small and annoying and you don’t even feel them bite – only later, once you’re in front of the mirror do you notice the welts and the blood trickling down. They are expert at crawling up pant legs and shirt sleeves.

      Here’s an NFB animation and song – a tribute to Northern Ontario and the Black Fly


  7. That focus/unfocus on the last shot (of the pussy willows) is exquisite.

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  8. Pussy willows make me think of childhood for some reason that isn’t popping to my memory. Maybe because I lived way up north once upon a time and spring was slow to come, like in Cobalt.

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    • I recall learning about pussywillows in grade school – teacher brought some into the classroom – I was enchanted with the texture.

      Is there Polish/Ukranian heritage in your childhood? I just learned last night about Dyngus Day – an Easter tradition where “boys throw water over girls and spank them with pussy willow branches on Easter Monday, and girls do the same to boys on Easter Tuesday.”


  9. Gorgeous snaps. Miss snow and pussy willows. Love your ‘next stop black flies’.

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  10. Maggie, I thought April would be the same. I thought I would have just more photos of snow on the landscape. But the by mid-April, all the snow was gone and the pollen count was way up.

    Love the photos.


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  11. Lovely to see the pussy willow and interesting pictures of your Cobalt. Glad spring is beginning before summer arrives!

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  12. That rusty sign is a perfect representation of the changing seasons.



  1. The Changing Seasons: April 2017 | Cardinal Guzman

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