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Changing Seasons – April 2017

As the month of April unfolded and as I started to collect images for this monthly blog post, frankly, I considered giving this entry a pass. The idea, essentially as I see it, is to show how the countryside changes from month to month.  January I showed you snow, February snow, March… more snow… and at the outset, April wasn’t much different. But thirty days later, I’m happy to report, […]

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Functionality on the Right of Way

The members of the Cobalt Historical Society are the keepers of the Heritage Silver Trail here in the Town of Cobalt and Coleman Township. Reiner and I joined the group last year and are now board members. The role of the CHS is to preserve and promote the mining heritage of our area. That means outside the boardroom we are busy keeping the trails clean and safe, raising funds, and […]

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My Gray*

  *or, My Grey. Today I am not going to delve into the joys of the Anguish Languish and the assorted ways of doing write right. Right? Onward. Or I could say, “Tally ho!” ***   ***   *** The Cowboy was my first boyfriend, my first marriage, my first divorce. And because of The Cowboy, my first horse. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time on this stage, it […]

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A Tribute: What would Vivian Do?

It will be difficult to write this tribute to Vivian without lapsing into hyperbole. Viv was one of those larger-than-life characters in spite of the fact she might have weighed 98 pounds, decked out in her outdoor winter clothing. I’ve known her for such a short time. Less than a year. But once we met, she took Reiner and me under her wing and introduced us to Cobalt as only […]

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From the Back Seat of the Marl-Mobile

All of this talk of “old-fashioned” ways of performing a task reminds me of an artist from Waterloo County. The very first time I met Reiner, we got to chatting about the local gypsum mines in Paris, Ontario. He told me about his friend, Christopher Van Donkelaar who is an iconographer. Reiner was helping him with his “100 Mile Art Project” Adam Naming the Animals, fashioned entirely from local materials – […]

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My Rhubarb Patch

Spring is here! Would you like to know how I know this? Slate Coloured Juncos are poking about, feeding on the ground. Back in Southern Ontario, they would have been a sign of winter, but since they “summer” up here, their arrival is a sign of spring. Confused? Don’t be. The birds (and the bees) have it under control, so we’re good. The pond is beginning to thaw and overflow […]

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This is a boulder. It is a limestone boulder. It is not an outlier. (pronounced OUT-liar. Not OUT-lier as in more out-ly) No, no, no. It is an erratic. A glacial erratic, to be precise. But by any measure, it is a BIG boulder. I like that boulder. It is a nice boulder.

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