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… in my dreams. [click for source]

Today’s prompt is “purple.”

OK. Purple.

Purple? Hmmm.


I have my glass of red wine with me. Which is from purple grapes, so that’s a start.

The drink is not bad for one of those do-it-yourself-wine-making-places-where-the-“do it yourself”-part-is-pouring-the-yeast-into-the-carboy. Then you wait for six or eight weeks and you come back and bottle it up and save a bundle on perfectly adequate vino.

It does the job. What more can you ask from a $4.00 bottle of plonk? Purple plonk, to be precise.

Vanessa rocking the purple velour.

My niece Vanessa loves purple. Was it Barney? I don’t know, I’ll have to ask. When she was a tiny tot, I made her a matching top and shorts from a purple plaid. She liked it well enough, but let me know in no uncertain terms that it did not have pockets!

Duly noted, Vee!

Easter is a good time to see some wonderful purples – when I was a law-abiding church-going Lutheran, I’d love the Easter vestments worn by our minister – adorned by rich gold and gorgeous, dark royal purple.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been inside a church. But the church still resides in me and makes itself known every now and surprising then.

But back to Easter – I love the colours of crocus in the spring – the same rich gold and assorted hues of purple. When I lived in warmer climates, I’d plant crocus with the idea that the bulbs would go forth and multiply and cover the lawn with a glorious display of “Halleluiah, spring is here!”

Never happened. Not even once. In more than a half-dozen gardens that I have known and tended, not once did I manage to get those dang-blang bulbs to naturalize.

So. Now to wrap up.

See? This is the problem with stream of consciousness posts, especially when prompted by a word that is… well, I’ll say it. LAME!

Why am I even compelled to join in? I should just point/click/delete this entire document and remove all evidence that I was

a.) Slightly under the influence of the purple plonk and
b.) See a.)

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30 replies

  1. I really enjoyed that. Purple Plonk, I’ve got to remember that classification.

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  2. Purple is my all-time favorite color and I’m happy you started your post with purple crocus. As for the plonk, I think you need to test it again when you write your next post. You know, for quality assurance purposes.

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  3. You should never point-click-delete, Maggie. I love following your wandering mind. I read posts like this and I am encouraged by the energy from chaos. (I hope that doesn’t offend, you know me and speaking).

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  4. No…don’t delete! It made me smile…I’ve tried to grow crocus here too (Michigan)….I planted a bunch when we moved to this house 26 years ago..and came home one evening to watch a chipmunk systematically dig them up one by one and eat the bulbs. Haven’t tried since. Guess I could….but the chipmunks have only multiplied over the years so why provide them more stuff to eat?

    Purple is a good prompt. When we were driving up from NC yesterday, somewhere in KY I saw fields of purple. Don’t know what it was. Husband said clover. Then at the hotel in OH I saw some purple (not as much but some) out in the field behind the hotel. It was a sort of low growing purple stub of a plant. Still have no idea what that was or if it was the same purple stuff we saw in Kentucky. Pretty though whatever it was.

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    • I must apologize for having a good giggle at your chipmunk story. You started with intentions to grow a crop of posies, but ended up with a herd of chippies! I bet Katie enjoys that!

      Last summer I noted a single plant of very dark purple clover in a ditch. It was a stunning colour and I would love to see a field of the stuff.

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  5. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve been inside a church. But the church still resides in me…” Exactly, in the form of wonderful colour and tradition, great music and resonating quotes, and enough knowledge of the bible to refute those who would have me burning in hell for not embracing their version of ‘the truth’. But also as a propensity for guilt, inadequacy and unworthiness. Ho hum. Probably worth it, though. 🙂

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    • Some of my earliest dreams (the ones I can recall, that is) feature the church and the preacher. Not necessarily in a good way, but not nightmares, either. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow those teachings. And, as you say, it’s not all bad!

      Enjoy your day, Helen!


  6. I can’t think of anything even remotely clever to say. Church – wine – gardening – Easter …. you would think SOMETHING would come to mind. But no.

    Sooo – as you were. Carry on.

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  7. Vanessa is indeed rocking that purple velour! Like a BAWSE. #colormeimpressed #clearlyineedtoupmypurplevelourgame

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    • Tee hee, thanks, Alice – I’ll be sure to let Nessa know. She and I were talking yesterday when I asked for her approval to use the photo.

      “I was a sassy little thing,” she said.
      “You still are,” I said.

      Like auntie like niece.

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  8. This was funny, Maggie. You said lame, and I thought of lame (with the accent over the ‘e’). Purple Lame for royalty–Queen of the Funnies, I give you Maggie. Yeah!

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    • 😀

      To follow up on your prompt of a prompt, I thought I’d post an illustration of purple lame cloth, so I googled the term. In return, I got a screen-full of women scantily clad in sparkly purple bikinis. Not one of them was royalty. To my knowledge.

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  9. Right on the purple plonk 🙂
    I love the crocus photo. Beautiful!

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    • Thanks, Joey!
      To me, those crocus remind me of the kind that are used for saffron. One year I got the notion that I’d “grow my own,” so to speak. Good thing I didn’t follow through on that expensive impulse, seeing’s how my other efforts to naturalize failed.


  10. I enjoyed the stream of consciousness, since some of my posts follow that even when I am perfectly sober!

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  11. I posted a photo of purple pansies today. It has nothing to do with what you wrote here, but seemed like a good way to start a comment! I’ve never had any kind of spring bulbs naturalize… like the gardeners say they will. If there’s a trick to it, I don’t know what it is. Perhaps watering them with some of your purple plonk would help. 😉

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  12. Hahahaha. But the crocuses…….. perfection. Purple Plonk. I like it!


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