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Share Your World March 27, 2017

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)? Like Cee, who hosts this weekly challenge, I changed my name, around the time that Rod Stewart urged his Maggie May to wake up. I balked at first when people called me Maggie May – I’d quip, “Maggie may, and then again she may not!” But the name stuck. I’m OK with being called Marg, […]

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Happy Hour

  Today’s prompt is “purple.” OK. Purple. Purple? Hmmm. Ah! I have my glass of red wine with me. Which is from purple grapes, so that’s a start. The drink is not bad for one of those do-it-yourself-wine-making-places-where-the-“do it yourself”-part-is-pouring-the-yeast-into-the-carboy. Then you wait for six or eight weeks and you come back and bottle it up and save a bundle on perfectly adequate vino. It does the job. What more […]

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The Changing Seasons March 2017

A long-time Cobalt resident told me that this winter has been one of the easiest that she remembers in her 90 years living in the area. At the risk of diminishing the concerns related to global warming, I hope the trend continues. Back in Southern Ontario, people report many signs of spring. Am I jealous? Yes and no. Sure, I’d love to hear the birds sing and the frogs croak. […]

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Share Your World – March 20, 2017

A glass of white wine, a blank page, and a prompt to share my world. Let’s begin, shall we? How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?   As so many have answered to Cee’s question, it depends. Some days, I’m a petulant 6-year-old. Others, I’m a rebellious teen, tired of all of the lessons that the universe is insisting that I learn. I shake […]

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Share Your World March 13, 2017

  Do you push the elevator button more than once? Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster? I’ll press an elevator button more than once, sure, depending on the caffeine level, my mood, the phase of the moon. But that’s just my way of releasing excess energy. However, I will play a little guessing game with myself if there is more than one elevator. I’ll stand in front […]

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Judgement Call

Divorce or not? You tell me: He said, “It needs ketchup.” ***   ***   *** This post is brought to you by my fellow Canadian blogging buddy Linda Gill and her weekly challenge, One Liner Wednesday. After a day wherein I slaved over a hot stove and created a delicious meal, taking into account his assorted dietary restrictions (sensitivity to garlic and reduced sodium being two of them) and he […]

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Horror Vacui*

      March came in like a lion. Bitterly cold, snowy, and windy. I’ve been camped out on the couch next to the fireplace, reading, and playing on my tablet. Not much to do, no place to go. Safe and sound. Blessings, right? Of course, my mind wanders to what I could (i.e. should) be doing with the vast swaths of time before me. The floors need vacuuming. As […]

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