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Share Your World – February 13, 2017

The view of the train station at Cobalt Park. Before the Incident with the Big Bad Backhoe.

The view of the train station from Cobalt Park. Before the Incident with the Big Bad Backhoe.

It’s time for Share Your World! The weekly prompt wherein I drink a glass of whine (oops, WINE) and wax eloquent about the finer details.

Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

Out. No question.

I’m underneath a big feather duvet, alongside hubby and two cats. It’s toasty. Sometimes, too toasty. Plus, hot flashes, you know? So, I need to ventilate now and again. But more than anything, I start to feel claustrophobic and trapped if the sheets are tucked in.

Out. Definitely out.

Have you stolen a street sign before?

Heavens no! That sort of brazen, public act of theft would take a certain brand of chutzpah that is completely foreign to me. Not to mention my lack of aptitude with tools. I’m strictly a lowly, low-tech, penny-pinching thief.

Allow me to explain.

I was raised a Lutheran and for the first sixteen years of my life, I was a devoted and engaged member of the church. I sang in the choir, I taught Sunday School and helped out during Vacation Bible School. I followed the Ten Commandments because who doesn’t need a set of rules to guide them through this crazy world?

Follow them I did.

Except when I didn’t.

It’s true. I stole money from my mom’s wallet. I needed it to support my addiction. To the white powdery stuff.


I’m talking about SUGAR!


Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?

Even if I subscribed to newspapers or magazines, or knew where to find coupons online, I can’t imagine I’d find a use for most of the discounted products or services. Besides, I don’t think the prices could do better than my system. I rarely pay full price.

Reiner and I approach grocery shopping as a military operation. We make a list of the specials at three or four stores. We consider the best route, who will shop where, and the location with the cleanest public washrooms. Or coffee shop, as the case may be.

For example:

“OK, listen up. We start at the north end and move south. Agreed?”

“Roger, that.”

“You take the optometrist and Loblaws while I pick up the cookies and half-and-half at Giant Tiger.”

“Copy that!”

Then we synchronize our watches and: “Move! Move! MOVE!”

Speaking of commandments and sins, I have an obsessive compulsion to never run out. I consider it a personal failure if there is not a continuous supply of everything and anything we might need. When an item is on sale, I stock up. When the pantry inventory falls to one or two containers left, I step up my search of the specials, and my mission to replenish the stores.

Before we moved to Cobalt, many of our friends voiced their concerns: surely the shopping will be less than ideal.? Weren’t we going to find that a hardship? I’m happy to say, so far, so good. We haven’t had to do without. Everything we need is available here. Well, mostly. Today while shopping for groceries, we had to pay a whopping $8.49 for a container of No Salt. (Reiner is on a salt-restricted diet.)

Besides, if we can’t find it at the bricks and mortar outlet, then it’s available online.

Did you know that you can buy TWENTY cases of Friskies – that’s 240 cans or an eight-month supply – from Wal-Mart, delivered free, to the post office? Did you also know, that twenty cases of cat food is not the weirdest thing that the post office has received?

Do you have freckles?

One second.

[runs to mirror]


Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for kind and concerned neighbours both on Nipissing Road and online. Thank you, one and all for your friendship.

The long-range forecast is calling for above zero temperatures! I’ll take it!

***   ***   ***

Inspired by Cee’s Photograhpy and the Daily Prompt

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28 replies

  1. Used to be that when I opened the last container of anything, it went on the list. Now I wait awhile because things last a lot longer with only one of me. Unless it’s for the dogs. . . more urgency there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I understand your comment about urgency. Now that we live where we might be snowed in for several days at a time, attention to the pantry is paying off. Especially where the pets are concerned. Our boys are typical fussy felines and would rather starve than eat anything other than the usual fare.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your humor, Maggie! Made me smile! Good to know more about you too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m totally with you on the sheets – out. Except for the hot flashes thing. Yeah, I got nothing, but out, definitely out. I loved Vacation Bible School and I remember fondly the people who volunteered, so thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – I’ll skip over the hot flashes remark to VBS – you know what sticks out the most about those summer days? The kiddies were treated to Freshie – (the Canadian equivalent of Kool-Aid). If I was assigned to mix a batch, I always went for the grape.

      And, you are welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You had to check for freckles…love it.


  5. I am also a sheets out person. Cannot stand the pressure of tucked in sheets anymore…I think I have Restless Leg Syndrome, or whatever it’s being called now.
    Online shopping can be great, except when you can’t control yourself simply because the sale prices entice you to buy more than you need or want…not that I’ve ever done that 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your post office fact cracked me up!

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  7. You had to check for freckles? Wow, that’s so surreal and also, totally adorable!
    I did NOT know that about the Friskies! I wonder if the USPS has a similar policy? My cats do love Friskies, and not 9Lives. I once sent Moo down the aisle to pick cat food while I got litter, and boy, did we all paid for that mistake! Ugh.
    Glad you’re a sheet-outer too 😀

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  8. I can always count on you to make me smile – regardless of the topic. Only you can make grocery shopping entertaining.

    I have the same obsessive compulsive behaviour about ensuring we never run out, but I would never bulk buy cat food. Theo is the most unpredictable eater. He will like something … until he doesn’t. Usually right after I buy a healthy supply of it.
    I simply don’t understand how such a picky eater can be so chubby … unless it’s the pie and ice cream Gilles shares with him most nights {sigh}


  9. I did not know that Walmart offered free delivery of 240 cans of cat food to the post office. While this is an amazing thing to know, our cats are long gone & our local post office is staffed with the most uncivil postal clerks in a 100 mile radius. Once they figured out that cans of cat food were in the box, they’d start dropping and kicking the box hoping to dent the cans. Yes, they are just that mean…


    • Then you might not know this either: we ordered our new bed online from WalMart – a Queen-sized captains bed – assembly required. In this case, UPS delivered it to our door. That’s my kinda service.

      Unlike the kind of service available at the PO nearest you! Yikes!

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  10. Love the panorama shot – even though snow and I are mortal enemies 😀

    You’re not alone in the out-sheeter department – I toss covers on and off all night long, depending on which cat is curled up where on the bed.

    And, some days – I neglect to make the bed, so I just slide in under the mess from the night before.

    Funny, I can see the two of you, donning grocery-store-camo (prints of cans and shelves blazoned across your backs) to go off to shopping-war!


  11. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week. I enjoyed reading your answers. Have a wonderful week. 😀

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