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Recognize Anyone Famous?


So, last night as I was pre-composing today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post – [that’s not cheating, is it? To pre-write a post that is supposed to be by the seat of your typewriter pants? If there’s one thing to love about WP, it’s the ability to make rules and then break ‘em!]


… as I was pre-composing today’s SoCS post, which was on the theme of “Hair” I thought that it would be fun to illustrate the piece with pictures of my hairdo’s over the ages. I took pictures of the pictures, because that’s a lot easier than scanning them in on the flatbed gizmo. Then I had second thoughts.

“Really, Maggie, how vain!” I gave in to the shaming voices and did not upload a single shot of yours truly.

But then the other judges rallied and by way of justifying the vanity, said, “You go right ahead and post those pictures. This is your blog, you do what you want. It’s meant to be a memoir of sorts, anyway, and what’s a story without pictures? Besides, you worked a long time digitizing those shots – don’t let that work go to waste!”

As you can tell by what you see before you, the second panel of judges won the ruling!

So, by way of making this NOT about me, see if you can recognize the star of a TV Kung Fu series in this album.

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  1. In my own attempt at stream of consciousness, I want you to know that I truly regret never taking a glamour shot. Love the pics!

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  2. I loved seeing these pix! And you are from exactly my era hahaha. Yes, the hairbands. But somehow it looks better on you than on me. My hair was always messy! Chamber Music! My daughter’s school did that. What a hoot. How fun to be in those shows!

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    • It’s good to find our cohort, yes? 😀

      I can wear hairbands for exactly 3.45 seconds and then they start to shift and pop off my head. I have a big head. Remember the hard plastic jobs? They broke all of the time, on me.

      What a coincidence about Chamber Music – it’s so different from the usual fare. It is a “meaty” show in terms of costumes and props with all of the historic elements.

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  3. I don’t know about the star of Kung Fu, but it sure looks like to me that one of the women in the group photo is Allyce Beasley of Moonlighting. And I think you did the right thing to post a montage of your photos. It’s fun.

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  4. The photos are wonderful. Son many ways of looking happy.

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  5. Love the photo gallery, Maggie! Pink hair & hairbands, classic looks! Glamour shot really nice too! Great Hair SOC! 🎶 Christine

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  6. Oh, yes! Pink is most definitely your color–these pics are great, Maggie!

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  7. It is him! I wasn’t sure. Chris Potter. I am a fan.

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  8. I love it. That is a very cool thing to do. We don’t get to see you and this gives us a glance at you over time. (and time was kind) 🙂

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  9. Same, same here! Hairbands, bangs, and questionable perms. It always amazes me how we think we are all about that and a bag of chips at the time, but looking back at pictures tells us that not all of our looks were good ones. NOT YOU, THOUGH! You looked great throughout the years! The best part is how happy you look in each picture.

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    • Thanks so much for your comments, Janis – but remember! This suite of photos has been HEAVILY screened and curated and culled. Only the most flattering – the deer in the headlights is the exception. And the bee. Oh, and the pink wig… 😉

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  10. I know nothin about Kung-Fu, except at some point, everyone was Kung-Fu fighting…

    But I know the lady top left in the group photo is a dead ringer for someone else I know.

    And, you had crazy baby hair like my Moo!

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    • Christ Potter, next to your dead ringer lady – he’s “known for his roles as Peter Caine, the son of Kwai Chang Caine (played by David Carradine) on the 1990s crime drama Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”

      Yeah, my hair was legendary when i was a kid.

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  11. I love your captions (which showed up on my email). Hands down favourite: “catatonic asylum inmate who believes she is Queen Isabella.” Hilarious! These really capture your fun-loving nature. Lucky me to count you as such a dear friend.

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    • Yeah, that queen Isabella was a peach of a role. I had no lines for most of the play, until my character is compelled to interrupt some kerfuffle by hollering, “LAAAAAAAAND HO-OOOOOOOOOO! She screams a few more words, and then resumes her catatonia.


  12. Awesome photos! You and Reiner look like folks I’d like to know. 🙂

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  13. I now dubbed thee Selfie-ista of the Month. 🙂
    Great looking people, by the way.

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  14. What a lovely photo gallery! 🙂 Thanks for the many smiles on this grey Sunday. 🙂

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  15. I like these photos, and I agree about your loving of WP “Read the rules and then break them.” So as how I have played some of the “awards” that I have obtained.

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  16. I love them all, Maggie. Yes my dear, you have the glamour shot down perfectly … in all of them! It’s always fun to see that progress through life for other people … a little scarier for ourselves 😉

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  17. Maggie, I really love your photo diary and somehow you seem really familiar, as if i know you!
    My two girls were born with thick hair like yours. Your personality comes through the photos, so I’m delighted that you did post them.

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