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Archive for February 4th, 2017

Recognize Anyone Famous?

  So, last night as I was pre-composing today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post – [that’s not cheating, is it? To pre-write a post that is supposed to be by the seat of your typewriter pants? If there’s one thing to love about WP, it’s the ability to make rules and then break ‘em!] Ahem. … as I was pre-composing today’s SoCS post, which was on the theme of “Hair” […]

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SoCS and a PSA – Hair

Things are getting a little hairy around here, in more ways than one.   Do you remember Bill the Cat? From Bloom County? Famous for acking and cacking and spitting up hairballs? Yeah, well, Oscar is giving Bill a run for the money. To that end, (the front end) I am treating Oscar with a daily glob of hairball remedy – a natural concoction that smells like maple syrup. To […]

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