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The Changing Seasons: January 2017

Earlier, on Joanne’s January entry to Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge, I commented that “I would like to join in, but then I’d be on the hook and I must confess, I find myself resisting commitments these days. So, I’ll just satisfy myself with your entries.”

Joanne replied:

Changing Seasons is a lot more informal than you might think it is. The Cardinal posts around the 20th of the month and everyone else posts sometime before the end of the month. It can be a single photo, or a gallery, a recipe, artwork, whatever the month means to you.
Even for a commitment-phobe, it would be fun.

OK, Joanne! I’m in!

Now, don’t expect anything earth-shattering in terms of brilliant photography. I’m strictly a point-and-shoot kinda gal, one who doesn’t have the patience, nor the capacity, I’m afraid, to understand the art and science of photography.

I’ve tried. I’ve enrolled in and promptly dropped any number of courses. I’ve purchased “how-to” books and they’ve gone un-opened to the second-hand shops. I have a blind spot, as it were, when it comes to learning shutter speeds and depth of field and ISO. The “Auto” setting is my default mode.

What I do want to share, though, is my appreciation for theme and variation, especially those to be found in nature in the changing seasons and the changing light. This will be my first full year here in my new Northern Ontario community. I want to record my surroundings as the year unfolds.

Thanks for hosting the series, Max, and thanks everyone, for reading!


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37 replies

  1. The North truly is beautiful country.

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  2. These are great photos, Maggie. I truly love the sunset from your front door.

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  3. I love your appreciation for theme and variation. Auto settings works fine for these photos. Often I use the auto settings myself when the conditions allow it and if I’m not after any specific kind of look.
    In the two Nipissing Mine High Grade Mill shots, you show a nice example of the golden hour and why so many photographers recommend to take photos around sunset or sunrise. Excellent!

    Welcome to the challenge and thanks a lot to the wonderful Joanne for talking you into it. 🙂

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    • I’m so delighted to read your comments, thank you!

      The sunsets up here are astonishing. And those that light up the old mine workings bring to mind Stonehenge. There’s a spiritual quality in real life, if not in the image.


  4. Maggie, these are beautiful. And what great views you have from inside your house–Cobalt looks to be a wonderful town!

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    • Thanks, Lois, I’m glad you like ’em.

      Years ago, when moving and/or retirement were just fantasies, I would declare that my next house would have a view – I didn’t care what – streetscape, landscapes, riverscapes, MOONscapes, I wanted a view. Man, I’ve got views in spades up here!

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  5. Amazing! I think it will be really interesting to compare these images as the seasons change. Glad you chose to participate because now we get to learn more about your world!

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  6. There was a time when I/we all played with the technology, but the best part of photography for me has always been to have an “eye” for it. You have that. Beautiful scenes captured. 💖 💘 💝

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  7. Ha. You don’t give yourself enough credit. These photos are good. Keep shooting and welcome to the challenge. I know you can handle it.

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  8. Well I love these. And you should give yourself more credit. I too block out all that technical stuff…though this year I got to hang with a great photographer for a couple hours and now I can use my manual settings a little.

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  9. Nice photos whatever setting you used!

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  10. Well they’re lovely photos. Some of them are downright beautiful. Of course, I love snow.
    I don’t take fabulous pictures, but sometimes I get lucky and the camera phone does.


    • How in the world did you end up in my spam folder? Ah WordPress, you rascal, you.
      I have to give credit to the camera. And, actually, to a camera store guy way back in the film days – he said to me then that if you shoot a roll of 24, or 36 shots and you are happy with just one, then you can consider yourself a capable photographer.

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  11. These are lovely photos, Maggie!

    I keep a little, $100 point & shoot in my purse at all times…I have my cell phone camera – and I’ve taken fantastic pictures with both of ’em that make my full-manual setting DSLR green with envy.

    It’s not the gear that produces great images…it’s the eye behind the lens, and the mind behind that.

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  12. Nice pics. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live surrounded by snow. It rarely snows where I live. Most entries here are from the northern hemisphere, but it’s not the same as being there.

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  13. Great pics! That abandoned mine workings looks so mysterious… can you sneak inside the building? I too thought about joining in but decided the pictures I’d take here in SoCal wouldn’t look much different from one season to the next (I don’t mean that in a “ha ha, it doesn’t snow here” kind of way. Actually I think it would be nice to have noticeable seasons – as long as the cold ones were really sort… and not too cold).


    • Thank you! You would find living here at the 47th parallel a tad on the chilly side, I think: winter lasts from Nov to April, give or take. This year is relatively mild.

      Most of the structures in the Cobalt Mine camp have been fenced off for safety reasons. This particular mill poses no hazard, so yes, you can gain access to a smallish room only.

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  14. Welcome to the Changing Seasons! Glad you decided to accept the challenge. I think you will have an interesting story to tell each month as the seasons change in the north.

    I have to echo all the other comments …. your auto photos are great. I too really liked the comparative photos of the mine … and you captured the golden sunrise so beautifully.

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  15. This Joanne sounds like she could sell Eskimos refrigerators. Your experience with photography sounds like my experience with writing. I’ve taken courses. I’ve read books on writing. I have gone to hear writers speak thinking the magic will rub off on me. Nothing seems to work. When I ask the writers to touch me with their magic wand and sprinkle some magic writer dust on me, they tell me they don’t have a wand. Just put my booty into a chair and get to writing. Makes me want to cry. That sounds way too much like work and I’m here to tell you I am allergic to work.

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  16. Wow those ruins are amazing . . . I loved the shot at noon but the one 5hours later took my breath away

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