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The weatherman is calling for freezing rain today. My least favourite form of winter weather. Good thing I’ve got nowhere to be and the pantry is stocked.

Sure, the ice coating trees and structures can look pretty and all, especially when the sun glints off the glass-like surfaces. But that hardly compensates for the widespread damage ice storms cause. Traveling is out of the question, or should be, in my humble opinion. Even walking is next to impossible, and surfaces remain treacherous for days afterward. Of course, I am afraid of falling, so that means I’m all granny-steps and tense and primed for a tumble. (My anxiety is ratcheting up a notch, just thinking about it, and it hasn’t started to sleet yet!)

Of course, I must give credit where credit is due.  March 25, 2016 was the day an ice storm clobbered Brant County. That ice event set into motion our decision to retire and relocate to Northern Ontario. Two perfectly healthy trees came down because of the soggy slopes, the ice load, or both, and the domino effect took out five more.

Now that I think of it, maybe my anxiety regarding the weather forecast isn’t about falling, but about being up-rooted!

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  1. Stay upright… An ice storm is the perfect time for a good book and beef stew, yup, I am thinking beef stew. 🙂

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  2. I agree, ice storms call for staying inside and walking carefully if you have to walk. I worry about taking the dog out in our back yard after and ice storm. We’ve learned to let her go as opposed to trying to hang on and control her. Stay safe. Maggie.

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  3. We lost 2, maybe 3 trees in an ice storm back in 2012. Hearing the creaking and then the loud cracks…not fun at all. Stay safe Maggie 🙂

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  4. Stay safe, Maggie. I cry for all trees uprooted like that. Such a shame.

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  5. How clearly I remember the great ice storm of ’97. The worst winter weather, for sure. Do you own those things you clamp onto shoes and boots (can’t remember what they’re called) that allow you to walk on ice? Handiest things for this kind of situation.

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  6. Super pretty! We were supposed to get an ice storm last weekend. Much hype. No storm. I was glad to stop worrying about my apple trees, but I would have enjoyed the pretty.

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  7. I agree that slip-sliding is both scary and dangerous. I feel sympathy for any one who has to be out in freezing rain.
    Stay warm, stay safe, and have some apple pie for me 😉


  8. My parents’ town got hammered by ice last week, and we had quite a bit too. I’m not that afraid of uprooting—I’m afraid of falling!

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  9. I know that I am terribly naive (being from SoCal and all), but the ice coatings look so beautiful! Your apple pie plans sound wonderful!

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  10. Hi
    What a wonderful feeling
    To have a well stacked pantry
    On a day that
    You are unable to go out
    I did not see any Zombie pix
    Happy Sunday
    God Bless

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  11. This is one of the best things about retirement. Weather is not so worrisome once you no longer have to commute every single stinking day through blizzards and ice storms and monsoons to work. Now when bad weather is forecast I just sign in resignation and continue reading my book. I hope you and yours are inside nice and warm and enjoying the view.

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    • Absolutely, yes, one of the best things. Now that I don’t need to be anywhere, I realize that I don’t feel as anxious if crummy weather hits.
      We both hate shopping, love bargains, and buy in bulk – so when I say we have a fully pantry, you can believe it – even the cats don’t have to worry for a long, LONG time.


  12. Can imagine you tucked up warmly with the stove alight and the misery outside! I hope nothing gets uprooted this time and you’re able to refrain from the temptation of a beautiful hot cup of coffee with double cream! ❤

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  13. I consider ice storms as a sort of time-out prescribed by nature. There is no arguing with an ice storm. I have driven in blinding snow, rain, and various foggy, moody weather conditions as if I alone could not be harmed. However, if there is actual ice on the roads, I have no illusions to my own immortality. I stay home and stay put. Only emergency medical necessity will coax me from my cave. So, I succumb to the inevitability of ice and live until I’m released by the meltwaters in the coming days. Perhaps what you hate is having choice taken away from you. It certainly makes me feel helpless!

    Oh, and welcome back. I hope Ontario remains ice-free for the rest of the winter!



  1. Silver Highlights – My Retirement Account – The Zombies Ate My Brains

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