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The Cats Move to Cobalt

For the first several months after we arrived at Cobalt, every day we’d find another reason that confirmed our decision to retire here.

Apart from the fact that we can step out the front door and immediately start mineral hunting, in no particular order are some of the advantages:

  • new flora! (Orchids? Really?)
  • new fauna! (We have a resident fox and oh, mind the bear poop, over there)
  • a view! (I always wanted a house with a view.)
  • peace and quiet
  • except when it isn’t – we have a pond and the frogs sing their little butts off at sundown
  • and… you get the idea.

Today, I can add another advantage to moving north.

The cats are beginning to bond.

I never thought I’d see the day. Especially considering that the boys had a very ugly first encounter. Over the years since both cats strayed into our Southern Ontario yard, they managed to honour a feline truce. Any squabbles were short-lived and mostly for show. Other than that, they did not engage with one another.

The move north was traumatic for both cats. During the drive, Black Cat calmed down after the first two hours, but Oscar was a wreck the entire eight-hour journey. Every two hours, we stopped to clean his carrier and clear the air.

Once we landed at our new house, the guys hunkered down to recover in the spare bedroom. Oscar hid under the mattress for the first week. As he got bolder, he set up quarters under the living room sofa for another two weeks. Black Cat was considerably less troubled, though he was cautious and subdued. After a month, life was back to normal.

Except we did not let them outside. We couldn’t risk it. Partly because the wooded area next to the house concealed who-knows-what by way of century-old mine workings. Partly because of the new fauna listed above.

To compensate, we bought them new toys. That seems to have been the turning point. One cat would play while the other would watch. Then they started to play “King” – one perched up high and the other pawing from below – very short-lived episodes, but they were engaging for a change. These days, they chase each other in wild back-and-forth games. It’s entertainment for all of us.

Yesterday, as I passed the sofa I spied this sweet moment.

Black Cat and Oscar - their bodies are actually touching as they nap on the sofa.

Black Cat and Oscar – their bodies are actually touching as they nap on the sofa.



It is a comfort to me to know that they have recovered from the ordeal of the move, and that their life here is richer for it. Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll even give each other a little wash behind the ears.

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36 replies

  1. Love that they have bonded- so sweet.

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  2. I love this–I had so few of those ‘body touching’ moments with Parker and Kitty. Glad yours are now inside cats, too. Bears and foxes…..!!

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  3. Ahhh, sweet beautiful kitties 🙂

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  4. Two of my 4 furbabies have regular grooming battles. Henry will lick Mariko – then she will lick him back…and it goes back and forth – No, I’m gonna lick you…no…I’M Gonna lick YOU…until suddenly they’re locked in some serious play-battle.

    Then they’ll break away from each other, sniff butts for a bit, and go back to I’m gonna lick you…

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  5. Maybe we will have to move to get our two cats to get along….

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  6. I am not surprised. When I’ve had cats who weren’t fond of each other, a move always bonded them at least for a time. Hope your bonding lasts forever. They are beautiful cats and I’m glad they are indoors now.

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  7. Not just the animals, humans tend to get closer each time there is a move. Not sure what is out there, it is important to bond with those you know. 💖

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  8. Maggie, I’m a bit late saying happy you are back blogging! I don’t have cats, but dogs seem to act the same.🐶 After a few years, I find my two sleeping close together, and they play sometimes. Very different temperaments and early puppyhood. One a rescue, from birth four-and-a half months in a cage, the other coddled for a week at a family owned pet store. Bringing up pets is just like children, if you love them as much! We do! 💛 Christine


    • Hello Christine! Thanks for stopping by to say, “Hey.”

      We love the guys like crazy and yes, it’s just like kids – “Stop picking on your brother!” “Keep the noise down to a dull roar, OK?” Like that. 🙂


  9. There’s the proof that misery shared is misery halved 🙂

    I feel badly for the little furballs. Cats really don’t like change and such a dramatic move is over-the-top from a kitty perspective. Glad they had each other to get through it. Sleeping together is a BIG deal 🙂

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    • I felt so badly for what the cats had to endure and worked hard to suppress the guilt.

      The day of the move, I used a pheromone treatment that was supposed to relax the cats – a special spray applied to the bedding and once we got here, a diffuser for the room – I can’t say it worked.

      I have very few regrets about the move, but putting the boys through the trauma is number one.


  10. That’s a precious sight. I am glad they finally decided to call the place home. One of our cats stayed under the couch for a month, and we only moved from a house we were renting to the house next door.

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  11. What we all live for, our cats’ approval.

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  12. It’s funny how changing cats’ environments does this. My Catticus was so shy in Georgia, like a complete scaredy cat, but once we moved here, he became much more friendly. No idea why, beyond the change.
    So pleased your cats are making some progress. Perhaps just slow to warm, or maybe united by the shared enemy of change. 😉

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  13. Lovely post, Maggie! Am glad your felines have decided that Cobalt has been a good move and can now share some together time. Happy pets make happy humans!

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  14. Great post. I’m a sucker for a cat story. Once upon a time we had a Black cat named Snizzlefritz and his dad name BC for Bobcat. Your kitties remind me of my kitties. I miss having cats these days, so I must enjoy other people’s cats. thnk you. Dianne

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  15. Awwww….that’s cute. Once upon a time I had two cats, one named Oscar. He was the shyer of the two and spent a lot of time hidden in the box springs of my bed. In fact no one knew I had two cats because if anyone showed up he would disappear. Poor guy. Your Oscar reminded me of him. I’m glad your two have settled into a good relationship in their new home!

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