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After missing several “Kodak moments” while out on our walks, we made a rule that we’d take the camera with us every time we head out. (We are cheapskate old farts and do not have fancy-schmancy i-phones.)

Now that it’s winter and the leaves are off the trees, we get to see what was hidden behind the foliage. Like the red house, in the distance.

What? You can’t see it?

Yeah, my fault. Β Reiner was carrying the camera and when I asked himΒ to take a shot of the old Buffalo Mine manger’s house, I should have known he wouldn’t use the zoom. I don’t know why, but he never uses the zoom.

So, instead, here’s me, decked out in my -40 rated winter coat and boots.

Ah well, a least I’ve managed to respond to two prompts with one blog post.

I asked him to take a picture of the red house. I should have been more specific and asked him to zoom in on the building.

I asked him to take a picture of the red house. I should have been more specific and asked him to zoom in on the building.



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  1. Minus 40?? I cannot even begin to imagine…..

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  2. No, that’s just too cold. If given the time and inclination could you post a picture of a general map of the area you now inhabit just for us folk who have no idea how far towards the obvious Arctic you are πŸ˜‰ You are some very brave folks…

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    • Thanks for the suggestion – writer’s block begone!

      In the meantime, though, you’ve probably heard folk say, “Enh, it’s OK, as long as your dressed for it.”

      Well, it’s true. And as long as you don’t need to be out working for hours in the deep freeze and as long as you don’t need to be anywhere far from home.

      Which is where I’m at.

      So, not brave, really. Just retired and comfortably outfitted.

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  3. OK, now I feel like the wimp, complaining about (plus) 13 as if it’s nasty weather. You look prepared for it, Maggie. that outfit looks almost toasty πŸ™‚

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  4. Only -20 here last night. You win by a long shot. ; P


    • I have the cold, and you have the snowbanks. We still haven’t had a show-stopper of a storm.

      N.B.!! For all you weather gremlins out there, eavesdropping and waiting to pull a Murphy’s Law on me, just don’t, OK??

      [knocking wood for good measure.]


  5. Minus 40. You are a “durable” couple, for sure. I see a bit of red off to the right ???

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  6. I cannot even begin to image -40! Your coat looks lovely and snuggly though to cope with it πŸ™‚

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  7. Reiner takes photos like The Mister. Ugh. I can’t see the red house, but it’s still a nice shot.

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  8. That’s a giant brrrrrr. πŸ™‚ But a lovely picture.

    When I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin, there were a few times when it was -40. Once, I was out shoveling snow at 6 in the morning in my snowsuit in that weather. It’s hard to keep anything warm, including your house.

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    • Greetings! Yes, the subtext to all of this talk about cold is the cost of mitigating the effects.

      We have a woodstove that we fire up if the temperature falls to -15 C. The stove does a better job of heating the house, but we have a limited supply of firewood. So, on other days, we use electricity – which, is becoming a luxury item in Ontario.

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      • The thing I remember about using a wood stove is sleeping near enough to it so that the cold waked me and I could put on more wood. That was about once every 3 – 4 hours.

        I can’t imagine the cost of electricity there is any cheaper in Canada than it is in the US.

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        • I expect that you are correct about the cost of electricity. It would be interesting to compare – it is my understanding that rates differ considerably between Ontario and Quebec, for instance.

          The need to heat with hydro was a definite concern for us – it is a hot topic for social services and in other political circles here in Ontario where our current government moved to privatize the utility. Now many more low-income people have to choose: eat or heat?

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  9. I love that you are using a real camera rather than a phone – the pictures are so much better (even if your husband forgets to use the zoom). Btw, if the temperatures got down to PLUS 40 around here, I’d be wearing a similar getup as yours. Yes, I am a wimp.

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  10. We had an overnight low of 27C last night. That’s without a minus in front of it. (It went back up to 32C by 4am.) I’m not sure I’d notice a red house. I’m too busy drooling over the snow.

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  11. nice job with the double prompts, M.
    and the coat is a nice one…


  12. I had a kodak moment once. The camera didn’t like it. It bit me.

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  13. You always manage to make me laugh Maggie. The red house is very obscure!

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  14. You have my permission to laugh at me anytime I grouse about cold Wisconsin winters. We haven’t gotten down that far in a while. Although we did have a sub-zero snap in December, it stayed in the single-digit-below-zero range.

    Although I won’t be like my brother, who lives in Florida and posts pictures of the beach in January.

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  15. Ha! Simple features like zoom can be lost on some photographers…

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