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With all Due Consideration

Like many of you, I started blogging in early January – New Year’s Resolutions, you know.

Therefore, also like many of you, I recently received a notice from WordPress that I could expect a charge for renewing my blog theme.

Like some of you, I’ve been away from blogging. Life, you know.

But just over a year later, circumstances have changed. I’ve got time on my hands. Long, winter-y, retirement-y days to fill. Should I return to the blogs? Is this notice from WordPress a nudge?

Before I take the plunge, I check my “Reader” to see what’s up with my blogger-pals.


Looks like nothing has changed! The same wonderful creative and dedicated writers are still posting daily. How in the world do they do that?

I feel sheepish for leaving the flock.

So to speak.

Let’s check in with Sandy Sue. She asks in her post Is it Soup Yet? whether or not she should stop blogging.


With all due consideration, and a click of the “publish” button, it would appear that I’ve made up  my mind.

Hi folks.

I’m back.



And look at that! Today is exactly my three year anniversary!



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56 replies

  1. Welcome back Maggie! Tend universe is almost right again.

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  2. I’m excited! Your musings and observations are always insightful and heartfelt.

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  3. Welcome back. And a Happy New Year to you. 🙂

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  4. Welcome back to the world of blog, Maggie!

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  5. Hi Maggie! So glad you are back. I’ve missed your wit and wisdom. I, myself, have stopped blogging, at least with words. I’ve taken up photography and am reeling it out on my site . Hope you stop by. Looking forward to more from you. Amanda

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  6. YAY! Maggie is back!!!!! I have missed you, my friend!!

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  7. Welcome back! Winter is always a good time to huddle around a warm monitor, type amusing screeds and try to hold on to one’s sanity until spring.

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  8. Welcome back, Maggie! Odd, I was just thinking about you a few days ago and wondering if you had fallen off the face of the earth. Good to see that you are still standing!

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  9. … and I for one am glad you are 🙂

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  10. Welcome back!

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  11. Welcome back. I am still keeping my ship afloat. ‘Course there are holes to plug. It’s hard to keep you mind focused when you are taking on water. 🙂

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  12. Great News, Maggie. You were missed. 💗 💖 💘 💝

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  13. Glad you’re back Maggie! Love to hear what’s been happening since you left the blog…

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  14. Way to go!

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  15. Welcome back! I have enjoyed reading your posts in the past and am excited to read some new ones.

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  16. And look at all those folks so happy to have you back! And you can add me to the list. Sorry to have taken a day or so to express that but I’ve been a bit MIA myself this year and I’m only just getting myself back on track. Welcome back to blogging, Maggie!

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  17. Oh, my, Maggie, so giggly happy to see your face liking my latest post and then I clicked over here and there you are blogging again. 2017 may turn out to be tolerable after all!

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  18. happy anniversary – and welcome back. I have learned that the blogosphere is sometimes better after long breaks. and we sometimes come back with a whole new groove… and I am on my fifth mode I think…. :0)
    have a nice day and cheers to 2017


  19. Welcome back, Maggie! I think it’s normal blogging behaviour to want to ease off a bit now and then. I had a bit of a quieter patch myself. I thinking picking up a couple of interesting challenges will get the blogging juices going again. 🙂

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  20. It is good to read your posts again, Maggie. I, too, have been absent and have only posted a few posts in 2016. I’m always technically challenged and wasn’t keen on the changes on WordPress that have happened in my absence. It always makes me feel old when technology gets the better of me. My camera won’t download onto the computer anymore, whinge, whinge! I shall endeavour to find someone to fix it! Welcome back and I hope to read more of your charming posts! ❤

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  21. So I am a bit annoyed with WordPress. I didn’t know that you returned to blogging until you dropped a comment on my blog… but hold on there a minute, you published three posts and my Reader didn’t tell me about them, so how am I supposed to know that an old friend is back….. WordPress, I am asking you. 🙂

    Welcome back, Maggie.

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