The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

I Still Got Nothing

Speaking of Labour Day* and the proper alignment of stars:

At precisely 17:30 hours EDT, Reiner finished the wallpapering. While he was at the sink, soaking the last scrap required to finish the job, I snapped this image.


All that remains: a 3 x 3 inch patch.

You see that tiny pile of scraps? That is all that remains of the materials required to do this job. In other words, we have nothing left over. Some might say that he measured precisely. Others might utter a small prayer of thanks to the angels of interior decorating. The paper was inexpensive, the colour (or the lack thereof) is great, the pattern was super easy to match. Which is a good thing since the last section, oh, perhaps a meter square took the entire afternoon to fill with the leftover scraps.

He did a superb job

*Happy Labour Day – a poster designed by my friend, Karen Piovaty

Karen Piovaty Desgins


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49 replies

  1. Ooh, that plant/chair/table in that corner is such an interesting designer touch, Maggie! 😀 Gosh, doesn’t that just tick you off–one little square?!


  2. Happy Labour Day to you, too! 🙂 Congrats on a wallpapering job well done!! Hooray!! What’s your next project?


  3. Nice job, Maggie and hubby! Wallpaper’s not my thing to hang, but yours is neutral and a good design. Chryssa


  4. I liked this post a lot, Maggie. Your wallpaper is so pretty. I like gray, black and white along with a few bright details or “splashes of color.”
    So, according to the pattern. . .
    Color= colour
    Labor= labour
    To go with and agree with. . .
    Glamour and armour.

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  5. So you took labor day literally!


  6. Anxious to see the final, full on photos of the room. I bet it will be quite different. I like this new paper by the way.


  7. And here I was thinking, “Man, they ran out without a small square left to do…oh well, I guess that’s where the corner cabinet will look best after all.” How good you could piece it together in the end.


  8. You’re brave to have white molding, er, moulding — it all looks wonderful!


  9. I’m happy for you both!! Well done, and I like the wallpaper a lot! Good to hear from you, Maggie.


  10. Fantastic to have a handy man about the place! Watching can be very hard work! 🙂


  11. I am sure you know just how gratified I am to know you celebrated Labour Day and weren’t shortchanged by a Labor Day. (The political party spells it that way – the Australian Labor Party – so a Labor Day holiday in Australia would be…weird. And highly inappropriate.)

    Oh, nice wallpaper, by the way. Is wallpaper big in Canada? You don’t see a lot of it here (well, not since the 1970s).


  12. You are a braver soul than I. The last wallpaper project that I got involved in coincided with days of deep despair.


  13. I didn’t hear or feel a big disruption in the Universe yesterday, so I can only assume that the wallpapering project ended with a squeak and not a forceful bang 😉

    I would have been having little heart attacks to have cut it so close with the wallpaper supplies. Glad you were able to piece it all together in the end.
    … ok, I’m done now with all the bad puns.

    I really like the colour … now, if only I could convince Gilles …..

    Will we get to see full disclosure of the finished room?!


      • My daughter lives 1600 miles away in New Jersey. She wanted my husband to do some handy man work for her when we were there recently. He wasn’t able to get to hanging some bypass sliding doors, so he measured, ordered the proper doors, and hardware to be sure everything was perfect when the handy man got there later. The man was able to get the doors in quickly and commented that it had made the job go smoothly since the measurements, hardware and doors were right. He said he always blocked out two hours extra for that job since measurements were usually wrong and people normally bought hollow doors that presented great problems.


  14. I am glad you enjoyed my proper alignment. I did work all night to get the stars aligned correctly. It was that little fellow to the tippy top right of your sky that wanted to be a little mischievous. Drugs, you know. I’ve been trying to get the little fellow into a rehab program. He’s having none of it. I’m afraid we’re going to have to do an Intervention. Anyway I finally got him sobered up for the time being. And in his proper place. And wallah. No thanks are necessary. It’s just Uncle Bardie doing his usual awesome job.


  15. Hi, Maggie. Enjoyed your post, as always. I’m back for only a day or two, trying while here to stop in at everyone’s place if I can. If not back before, I wish you and Reiner a warm and grateful Thanksgiving!


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