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Tuesday is Seniors Day

seniors day

Do you wanna know what I dread? Having to prove I’m a senior. I feel so cheap.

“Tuesday is Seniors’ Day at Rexall,” my husband said. “You are a senior now, you know.”


“Yeah, you’ve been a senior for four years.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I grumbled.

“What’s the problem? It’s 20% off! The money is better in your pocket than theirs!”

I harrumphed, my default response when he is right.

Reiner is not the only one to remind me of my status in the “advanced age” department. Today, I had the annual chat with my financial advisor. “Yes,” she reminded me, “You’ve qualified to draw on your “locked in” pension for some time now.”

OK, world, I get it. In some circles I’m a senior. Now, just leave me alone, will ya? I’m going for a walk.

I made a mental note of the stops I needed to make: To the library to return a book, and to the drug store to get a birthday card for a friend. I packed up my gear and organized my purse. Since it was cloudy, I wouldn’t need sunglasses. I put them into their case and SNAP off came an arm.

Great. Add “new sunglasses” to my mental list of things to get in the drug store.

Kinda like this. Not just for seniors, you know.

Kinda like this. Not just for seniors, you know.

I set out. As I approached downtown, I recalled that it was another friend’s birthday last week. Her house is across from the library. I decided to get her a treat from the drug store. She likes Malteasers. I added candy to the list.

I made my way to the drug store, to the library, and had a lovely visit with the belated birthday gal. We had coffee and gossiped. When she needed to get ready for work, I returned home.

Back at the house, I called Reiner for our morning check-in. I told him about my walk and that’s when I saw the broken sunglasses on the kitchen counter.

ARGH! I forgot to buy sunglasses!

It looks like I’ll be stopping by Rexall next Tuesday.


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  1. So you didn’t buy those cool sunglasses?!

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  2. And you will see the same seniors every single Tuesday in Rexall. I don’t care any more. Discount? I’m there. Go for it, Maggie.

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  3. I remember the first time I was given a senior discount. I was with two older men, I was not old enough to get the discount. They were but they didn’t and the clerk just gave it to me 😦

    These days, if someone slips me some percent off, I don’t think for a minute.

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  4. I have a pair just like those sunglasses! We’re cool, Maggie. Very cool. Timeless and ageless, too, just like one-armed sunglasses.


  5. Don’t you just love being labeled? And “senior” has such a……jaded ring about it don’t you think? I mean if you’re going to have a label, it should be something pleasant sounding anyway. Yes, I think you need to come up with new term for yourself….how about experienced? No, probably not the message you want to convey…could be taken the wrong way. How about weathered? No, makes you sound like old wood or something. How about seasoned? Too much like something needing basted? Vintage? Sounds like a car. Classic? Back to the car again. Hmm……How about recycled teenager? Yes? Maybe?

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  6. I absolutely love those sunglasses! I am forever switching between my glasses and sunglasses and it drives me crazy. I wasn’t aware that these existed!


  7. I remember the day I got the application for AARP in the mail. It was just before my 55th birthday. Ugh. I got over it. Now, I take the senior discount, sometimes, I even ask for it ! ☺

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  8. I am hoping to live long enough to be a senior who gets senior discounts. After all, senior skip day was fun…
    I went out to get my prescription yesterday and thought I might as well swing by the market since it’s so close. We needed milk and the dog was out of treats…I couldn’t think of what else we needed, so that’s all I bought. Last night, I must have put 20 things on a list. With any luck, I’ll take the list with me tomorrow.


  9. At the race the other Sunday, I was classed as a ‘Master’. The age group below me was called ‘Veteran’. For once, I was happy to be a decade older. (BTW, if you ran, you’d be classed as ‘Super Master’. How cool is that??)

    A discount is a discount but …ugh…’Senior’. A Senior’s discount always makes me think of little old ladies on the pension counting out their coins to pay for another packet of blue rinse. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE!!!

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  10. I believe I got my first AARP mail when I was 51 — I looked very lifelike right up until the gall bladder Godzilla’d me (late 50s), so I was capital D capital O Deeply Offended by that piece of mail. And on the same day (again, back when I looked lifelike) in 2 stores, I was both carded AND asked if I qualified for senior discount. I got both giddy and pissed off (well, that’s my natural state, but it seemed more pronounced than usual). I dunno, Maggie.. like you, I don’t like it.

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  11. Tuesday is Old Lady Day at Ross, I think. 🙂

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  12. That discount they give us seniors basically pays for the sales tax. So we are not really getting a discount. We’re just not paying our taxes. No wonder the mayor won’t take my calls anymore.

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  13. Senior’s Discounts huh? I wonder where I can find a Rexall? 🙂 My problem is I’m an impulse buyer and not likely to wait until Tuesday if I want something NOW. Gah

    I don’t want to be a Senior – not now, likely not ever. I have enough issues with my body going rogue on me to be further demoralized by such a negative term. I do however like Master. It has a nice ring to it 🙂
    Happy Weekend!

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  14. My wife likes to take me with her to the store… It’s so she can park in the senior parking spot.


  15. Two thoughts:

    (1) When I was not yet a senior, I was mistaken for the similarly-aged sister of my friend in her 80’s. That is far worse than being an actual senior. (I shall be blogging about why the mistake, eventually)

    (2) What I think is worse than the discounts is the patronizing sh#t from male staff in stores–clerks and waiters:

    The “honey”ing. (I’m not talking about down South, where it’s normal from both genders.) So, as soon as it began, I began snapping it right back at them. This totally cracks up my girlfriend, ’cause the servers are shocked, and it does change their attitude to more respectful, right quick. I just hope they’re not spitting in my food as a sign of their newfound respect.


  16. I was so excited to get my AARP card and magazine, Maggie. I got it connected to my Walgreens card, too. Tues. is their senior day, like Rexall.
    my biggest joyful dicount is at our 250 year old cinema downtown Delaware, Ohio. It is $7 for a ticket, medium popcorn and small drink. I bring my own candy bar. 🙂
    I am okay with going to thrift dtores, hotels and museums and receiving reduced prices.
    Oh. I dislike it when I am on a “mission” to pick up something at the store and I forget the original purpose. Guess I really am a senior!


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