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United States Defaults On Debt To Its Veterans

Reblogging a request to sign a petition to support the troops in the US – after they return home. It’s the least I can do. Our country is hardly any better. Best wishes for a successful outcome, Steve.

The End

If a nation cannot afford to tend to the physical and psychological wounds suffered by its soldiers in war, then that nation simply cannot afford to go to war.

Such is the current situation in the United States. And it is beyond shameful. The amount of money we commit to spending on new weapons systems is measured in the trillions. Yet somehow, Congress cannot manage to fully fund appropriate medical and psychological treatment for wounded veterans. What exactly do the politicians mean when they proudly proclaim that they “Support Our Troops”?

I’ve started the following petition on the White House website. If it gets 100,000 signatures in the next few weeks, the White House will officially respond. And maybe that will be a start. Nothing else seems to be working – in this country that talks a good game about the price our veterans have paid for our “liberty and…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging this. I signed the petition and started to follow his blog!

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  2. Thanks for reblogging. I like his blog and wouldn’t have found it otherwise. And I signed the petition.

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  3. Dont get me started. The VA is very poorly managed and the veterans are more numerous than ever as many baby boomers from the Vietnam era join aging vets from WWII and Korea in seeking benefits. Of course the added burden of vets from the wars of the past ten years don’t help, but most of these vets come from 3-4 percent of the uS population and are not the huge burden some make it seem. many of them have served 6-7-8-9 tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere (including several members of my family). The US has always treated its vets well, but until we restore the top tax rate of 90 percent, there will never be enough money to throw around. Yes, the VA needs improving and they cry poor mouth to get more money, then waste it. Good management is part of the solution. The other part is complicated and includes reducing waste fraud and abuse as well as modifying the sequester under Obama.


  4. I am always confused why the veterans are not supported by people in general and also, government. I hate wars but believe in the necessity for them. I really admire the sacrifices men and women go through for us. Thanks for this post and connection. I am on two fundraising lists for paralyzed vets and red cross.

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  5. Thank you for this post, Maggie! So very important. Need to figure out how to reblog. 😉

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  1. United States Defaults On Debt To Its Veterans | Burnt Toast Economy

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