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One Liner Wednesday

“You will never need a hip replacement,

said my chiropractor when he showed me the results of my x-rays.

Now if that ain’t just the best news! Apparently, I don’t have arthritis in my hips. I may not have full range of motion, but I don’t have arthritis!


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Source: Johnny Optimism

Source: Johnny Optimism


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  1. “Never” is a dangerous word. So is “chiropractor.”

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    • LOL – I agree with one of your statements. When he told me that, I quipped that I wanted the statement in writing.

      I have had marvelous success with chiropractic care over the years. When I asked an MD for help with lower back pain, the answer was “live with it” or “we can do surgery.” One extreme to the other.


  2. To each his (or her) own. I can’t argue with success.

    However, there are MD’s and MD’s. (You seem to have had particularly bad luck in that department.) Anyone who says “live with it” to me does not get a return visit.

    My experience, and Bill’s (his back pain is of much longer duration than mine), is that a good physiatrist, who can non-surgically provide a pain-free window of opportunity within which to work with a good physical therapist, is the way to go. Of course, you have to follow up on what the therapist teaches you, which means mat and other exercise on your own almost every day after the course of physical therapy is over. Which is a yuck. But all those ads about the “golden years” are just advertising. As I’m sure you know. 🙂


    • Again, you make me smile. “But all those ads about the “golden years” are just advertising. As I’m sure you know.” Indeed I do. And I know you do, too, since you were a copywriter for how many years?

      Oh, how I wish I had the luxury of picking and choosing a medical caregiver. That’s just not available to us, here in Ontario.

      In hindsight, I can only agree that I had “bad luck” in the medical department as regards who was looking after my case. I was lucky in that my health was fine. At least, that’s what I believed. My MD told me to “live with” severe monthly menstrual disorders on the grounds that “lot’s of women” have heavy flow and debilitating cramps. She did not refer me to an OBGYN. I put my trust in her and I “lived with it” for about 20 years until I almost died from it. I lost so much blood one fine September day, back in 2003 that I was rushed to hospital for an emergency hysterectomy. I lost 15 pounds. The bulk was fibroid tumours.

      On the good luck side of the coin, I have found alternative health care practitioners far more attentive and effective than any “standard” care professional. Fortunately, I’ve been able to afford treatments.

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  3. I used to have a chiro I loved – he got me through two of the worst periods of my life in terms of back problems.

    I have yet to find a good one in my new town – and have yet to have a reason to find a good one…so I’m not complaining 😀


  4. That’s very good news Maggie and I’m with you. I would go to an alternative health care provider before a GP.
    We have an excellent chiro who specializes in athetes. After a bike accident a number of years ago, he took Gilles from literally not being able to walk to completing an Ironman 3 weeks later.


    • Oh, I recall this accident – the riders were hit by a car, is that right? You must have been beside yourself.

      I went straight to my massage therapist and chiropractor after a whip-lash accident. I needed time off work to mend and Bell would accept authorization from my MD only, so I was obliged to pay her a visit. If it weren’t for that I would not have gone to see her at all.

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      • In this particular accident, Gilles wiped out crossing railway tracks … it was operator error.

        I don’t think that there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all health care provider … unfortunately there is so much professional sneering at each other and they are all guilty of it.

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        • When I first saw a chiropractor, I didn’t realize that the practice was met with scorn by some in the traditional medical world. I hesitated to tell my doctor that I was seeing a chiropractor for fear she’d rebuke me. Fortunately, she was OK with it.

          That professional “sneering” – so much posturing and diminishing of others to elevate the self.


          • Thankfully my GP has the same attitude. She is supportive of alternative medicine. Her attitude is – if it is working for you, then it’s good.

            Unfortunately the sneering isn’t limited to GPs vs chiros. I’ve also heard chiros put down physios and physios put down athletic therapists.

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  5. I am pleased that you don’t have arthritis, Maggie. It is good that you have found someone that you find congenial to help you. Stay well! 🙂


  6. Man, I dig it. They ain’t ever gonna replace my hip talk. ‘Cause it’s cool, man.


  7. So you can stay the original hippy? That’s groovy, man.
    I loved the comic strip. Laugh out loud funny. Even though I’m more of a Marvel superheroes kind of girl myself. I mean, they have THOR. 😀

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  8. HIP HIP HOORAY! That IS good news. You needed that 🙂


  9. You gave me a good laugh with that comic. Thanks for that!



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