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Easter Egg Hunt at the Homestead 2015

Sharing my Good Friday with you!

The Federation of Women's Institutes of Canada

The FWIC owned and operated museum Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead National Historic Site hosted over 1600 kids and family members from our community on Good Friday! We all had a blast! Happy Easter to all families from FWIC.

Images copyright Sara Naim and Maggie Wilson

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8 replies

  1. Where’s the picture of you finding the Golden Egg? Happy Easter, Maggie!


  2. So you’re sharing about Good Friday, the folks back home are showing me their Easter eggs and saying Happy Easter and it’s Easter Saturday here. I’m a bit time zone confused…………. o_O

    And what is a hoodless homestead?


  3. Reading backward: “I must be coming down with something” she said. Do you think?


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