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I Look Better on Paper

I’ve been saying “I look better on paper” a lot lately. For instance, three months ago, during a panicky moment and a bout of “WTF-am-I-thinking?” thinking, I told Kate… “Um, I’m not so sure about taking on a leadership role in the Women’s Institute.” Without an edit button, I’m lost. I’m not polished when I speak, I hesitate, I stumble, I can hardly pronounce “extemporaneously” let alone speak that way. […]

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Easter Egg Hunt at the Homestead 2015

Sharing my Good Friday with you!

The Federation of Women's Institutes of Canada

The FWIC owned and operated museum Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead National Historic Site hosted over 1600 kids and family members from our community on Good Friday! We all had a blast! Happy Easter to all families from FWIC.

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