The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

If we were having coffee…Acronym-Rich Version

[On second thought, since it’s HH (Happy Hour)…]

…If We Were Having Wine…

…I’d tell you about my week.

It’s been lively! An unusual, and I must say, welcome departure from what I’m used to.

The course work for the MET program is blessedly light and so far, easy. (Forgive me, this week I finally learned the official Northern College acronym for “Mining Engineering Technician.” Three years in and only NOW I start to use the short form. 🙄

Easy is good, because things are ramping up at my volunteer job with the Federation of Women’s Institutes. (FWIC)

A Quiz: what does the MET program and the FWIC have in common?


I pissed and moaned loud and long about the fact that I had not one, but TWO movie-making assignments to complete last semester. “What in the world,” I asked, “does making a video for YouTube have to do with mining?”

Oh. Right. One of those transferable skills. Gotcha.

As it turns out, my newly learned movie-making talents have come in very handy with the WI. (Women’s Institutes for you newly on board. Welcome, btw.)

And speaking of the WI (which also means Women Inspired) this women has been inspired to launch a new local branch of WI.


So, that means media announcements. Photo-ops. Videos. Also, a quick visit to the salon which was nice and all, (way overdue!) but really, the camera hates me. Judge for yourself.

Hopefully baby Annabelle steals focus long enough to prevent serious optical damage.

Hopefully baby steals focus long enough to prevent serious optical damage.

That’s me, all smiley for the local newspaper. This photo-op followed the studio taping at the Rogers Community TV station in Brantford. So far, it appears that the WWW will be spared the burden of seeing my face on TV.

That was Wednesday. Thursday, the weather was perfect for a road trip to meet up with my intrepid BB (blogging buddy) Joanne for a tromp about the antique market in Freelton. When we started talking about the merits of deep fryers, we knew it was lunch time, so we scooted ‘cross the compound to the restaurant. We both ordered the Thai stir-fry. In hindsight the meal was a wee bit lacking in the vegetable department, but it was tasty and neither of us had trouble finishing our plates. Conversation was lively and I must confess to being rather more verbose than usual. I must also report that one of us did not see the iphone- wielding, saffron-robed monk sitting a couple of tables over.

Back in the flea market, Joanne introduced me to marmalade jars.

Kinda sorta like this.

Kinda sorta like this.

And decoy ducks named Brenda. She had tremendous luck finding things that spoke to her. Me? Not so much. I tried to spend money, I really did. I even gave a second glance at a collection of Rooster and Roses kitchen kitsch, by UCAGCO (United China and Glass Co.) I have a biscuit jar which Mom got as a wedding present back in the 1950’s.

Roosters and Roses Cookie Jar

Besides the cost, I just couldn’t justify the counter space required. I am my mother’s daughter. No question.


The other highlight of this week was a lovely and long email from another BB, Sammy D. I’ve got a response in the works, Sammy Dear. Maybe this weekend. After I’ve put together a movie for the WI open house in February.

It would appear that my wineglass is empty. Pity. But word count sits at about 600, so it’s time to hit publish. Next week looks like it will be lively, too, if I am to judge from my calendar.

Have a good w/e everyone!


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  1. Wow, so much going on! Volunteering at the Federation of Women’s Institutes must be interesting and rewarding. And those marmalade jars are lovely.


  2. I had a lovely time and my new decorative plates are now gracing the wall in my kitchen 🙂 As you discovered, I really do love shopping!

    Your work with the WI is really inspiring. Honestly, I think you could make anything interesting! Looking forward to our next outing 🙂


  3. Oh man-n-n I want to go antique-ing with you and Joanne. You have been busy with movie making and starting a new branch! The WI is fortunate to have you. Put your feet up this weekend and relax. With wine!


  4. This was so fun to read!!!


  5. The You Tube video is great! Yes, I kept my eyes on the baby’s pink shoes the entire time! You look great, Maggie. You sound happy and busy. Just curious–does WP cut you off at 600 words?


  6. Sounds like a fun week, except for not being able to spend money at a flea market.


  7. Next time wear your hat so we can recognize your publicity photos!

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  8. Lovely photo! Sounds like so much fun hunting…the market. Bravo.

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    • Thanks, RR! 🙂

      You might be interested in visiting Freelton. Besides the antique market, there is also a used furniture/household items store on the same property. Rescued and Restored – a fundraising venture for Drummond House. The store is run entirely by volunteers, the quality of goods is excellent and the prices are very good, too. What I like about it best, though, is the positive vibe of the place. It just feels good to be there. They are closed on Sundays, though.

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  9. Wow, Maggie you amaze me? What is the women’s group? Curious

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    • Linda! Delighted that you stopped by.

      The main intent of the group is to provide women of all ages a venue where they can learn, share, teach, support one another. Focus is on arts and crafts, food and gardening, social issues and community issues, health and happiness and fun.

      The WI was started in 1897 by a local woman, Adelaide Hunter Hoodless. Her fourth baby died from tainted milk. Addie lobbied for better food processing practice as well as for better education for homemakers. Because of her efforts, the YWCA was launched as well as the VON (Victorian Order of Nurses). She spoke so eloquently at YWCA functions she was encouraged to start an organization for rural women. The men had an association, she said, so women should too. The first branch was formed in Stoney Creek by Mrs. ED Smith as in ED Smith jams.

      The WI movement spread across the country and then across the globe, especially to England. During the first and second world wars, WI’s were very active in communities. The movement peaked in the 1950’s/60’s and in Canada, has been in decline since. In the UK, however, there has been a resurgence in interest and there are over 212,000 members and new branches are opening every day!

      Kate and Lindsay and I hope to rekindle some of that interest here.


  10. Maggie Mae – – you and the baby are a tie for Cuteness. And I am coveting that marmalade jar but trying to think what else I can put in it. Happy weekend.


  11. I understand the counter space and cost issue. Isn’t that marmalade jar just precious? Thank you for showing me the picture. I’m content with its picture. I don’t need to own it. Function over form every time. I love practical, useful things. I inherited several beautiful glassware bits. Beauty Queen stores them in her china cabinet for me, because she enjoys possessing an enormous china cabinet and china and other things I just say, “Pffft!” over. As if I could manage having a tiny silver and glass sugar bowl, with a tiny silver sugar spoon. I have a big ol’ jar of sugar and a big ol’ plastic scoop. In my tiny, built-in china cabinet, I keep glass vases. None of any particular value, all of which get used regularly.
    The camera doesn’t like me, either. I’m glad I have other values. But my, isn’t that baby adorable? That’s another thing I’m glad to see a picture of, and have no need to possess 😉

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  12. Few of us feel comfortable on camera – I avoid being photographed like the plague. Your trip sounds a lot of fun but I think I would have had to buy something. Just for the hell of it. You have to go again.


  13. I learned these three things from your video: (1) There is an association of rural women : ) No–there must be MORE than one, for doesn’t the vid mention “We’re the oldest one”? Who knew? What a great idea! These women should get the word out more–wouldn’t MORE rural women join, if they knew about it? But then, if you’re REALLY rural, how do you hear… (2) Some people actually WANT those crocheted granny squares! The kids look really happy : ) (3) Quebec is pronounced by Quebec-ians (Yeah, yeah, “Quebecoise”) as “Kwuh-BECK”! I was taught in school “Never say ‘Kwuh’–It’s ‘Keh-BECK'”.

    Your pic’s no burden, Maggie. You look happy, and friendly, the way I’m sure we all think of you. How you manage to stay that way as the super-achiever you are is one of those unfathomable mysteries.

    (I suspect, had you been born some decades earlier, you would have looked at existing barriers, plowed your way through them, and all Canadian girls (and boys) today would have heard of “Maggie of the Mounties, “The Doctor in a Dress”, or “Frontier Lawyer Lady”–possibly, all three!)

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  14. Hehe I’m glad you clarified what you meant by MET program because my little nursey brain jumped to thinking of our “Medical Emergency Team” calls xD
    Sounds like you had a lovely week, and I wish you all the best with your new WI branch!! 🙂


  15. FWIW regarding WI that wine should be champagne ~ Cheers to you and all you do! You are a tour de force! And your videos and writing aren’t half bad either 😉


  16. IWWHC or, more attractively, IWWHW, I would invite myself on your antiques joint with Joanne.
    Cameras hate everyone. It’s true. It’s part of the GWPC (Great Worldwide Photography Conspiracy).


  17. The #1 rule of flea-market shopping: first find a place to put the stuff before you buy it.

    Love the little pink boots! How come kids get all the really neat stuff?

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  18. So glad you are doing so well. I loved your description of your flea market day. One of my most favorite ways to wander through a day (I can always find something to buy!). Thanks for the good read. And, btw, I think you are being a bit hard on yourself about the photo.


  19. I’m so with you on the counter space thing. I received a lovely/hideous set of butterfly-adorned ceramic cannisters as a wedding present; sold them at a yard sale unused. There’s something about that marmalade jar…so delicate and very European. My favorites came with dinosaur images from Welch’s. Nice post. Enjoy your weekend. Van ☺


    • Thanks, Van! 🙂 Joanne was telling me about the jars that came with store bought marmalade. Apparently they were quite fragile and didn’t survive much knocking about. Which might explain why we didn’t see exactly the right piece at the sales barn.


  20. Busy woman! And I love the pic! 🙂


  21. That’s a great picture!

    I love random glassware, those marmalade jars are so pretty.

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  22. Delightful post Maggie! I think of you every time I watch a British TV program called, ‘call the midwife’, as I imagine one actor is just like you. Crazy, but you visit us every Saturday night at 8.30! 😃

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  23. Not sure how I missed this, Maggie, but better late than never. I hope. Antiques malls, Thai food, AND Joanne? Suppressing sudden wave of envy….. Love seeing your photograph sans chapeau, you look great.


  24. Great catching up with you! WI sounds like what my father’s cousin was active with, but it was Cornell University Cooperative Extension. She took homemaking courses in her upscale suburban town. We have a CU CE in our rural town, too, but 4H is the only thing that I know of that they do these days.

    I love your rooster jar! It is exactly the kind of photo that I was looking for when I was posting a chapter of my novel. That rooster brings back memories…


    • Wonderful to hear from you, too, Grace. Glad you like the rooster. If you need an image, I’d be happy to take a photo of my mom’s biscuit jar for you.

      As for the Women’s Institute: WI comes in many forms, in terms of focus and deeds.

      It seems that we’ve managed to tap into an unmet need here at home. I’ve heard from several quarters that women miss community and fulfilling social activities. Wish us luck?

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  25. That is a GREAT picture! And what a commitment and act of service to start the local branch of the WI. Best of luck with it!



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