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Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

I KNEW it!

Nothing says mercury retrograde like forwarding an email to a couple of dozen provincial executives with a request that they forward it to their 9000 members in order to respond to an email request from the UK for messages of congratulations regarding their centennial. The problem? That UK email appears to be invalid.

Sit tight everyone, prepare for any number of glitches in communication and transportation. Silly delays, misplaced items, and the like. Oh, and people or issues from the past will resurface. Great time to resolve or complete unfinished business; bad time to start a project.


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  1. A say, what? Who is Mercury Retrograde, darling? The latest hunk to grace our screens hailing from Slovenia, perhaps? 😉 I’ll be careful. xxxx 🙂


    • I don’t pay very close attention to astrological events, but I do follow the comings and goings of Mercury Retrograde. It is a celestial phenomenon that makes it appear as if a planet has reversed it’s traverse of the evening sky. Mercury has a retrograde period three times a year. It’s a silly bit of fun, but also a bit spooky because there seems to be an inordinate number of reported computer failures or old boyfriends popping up or late appointments, that sort of thing.

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  2. Retro Grade is twinned with Belle Grade, I believe and a niece of Lew Grade.

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  3. Absolutely! Anyone who’s followed it for a while can see it. I use ‘re-‘ to get through it and don’t start anything new: re-organize, re-view, re-peat, go back and finish something. Just like solar flares affect communications. People will even hear things differently than what is spoken.


  4. Ahhhh, so that’s what that means. I will hunker down until further notice!


  5. I hate it when Mercury goes into retrograde! Better start cancelling appointments.


    • So do I, Linda. I have always meant to track the silly fubars or the times when I encounter someone or something from the past just to see if there’s any “scientific” correlation. [Oh hush, you mineral-minded folk who might be reading this. I can hear your eyeballs rolling from here!] But that would spoil the fun, don’t you think?


  6. Hmm, sounds like I should just go back to bed… 😉

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  7. Checking now to see how long I can use that “:mercury retro” excuse for staying in pajamas and eating bon bons.

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    • Well, Sammy there are two schools of thought on that. See the calendar above? The point where the planet goes retrograde and then goes direct again are in bold – January 21st and February 11. Some astrological types will refer only to these dates as “duck-and-cover” worthy. Myself, I go for the longer episode that includes a period of unsettled business leading up to and away from those key dates. As is illustrated above. Because, you know, ANYTHING for an excuse!


      • Yes, unsettled arrives on 1/1 with bills, looming tax forms and much-resented payments to ffingvbureaucrats, yearly budgeting and all that fun stuff. I’ve got my nose buried in paperwork and setting the calculator afire, determined to finish by week’s end and get back books and art and blogging!!

        Oh but I shouldn’t be dumping my mercury retro frustration all over your blog. Instead I’ll toast you tonight with my splash of scotch!!


  8. Are you sure it’s not Mercury Renegade because he seems like a pain in the neck.

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  9. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been dealing with the symptoms, but hadn’t realized we were in that time once again. Now I know the cause for the confusion 😉 Always interesting, isn’t it? Best wishes, WG


  10. I know zilch about astrology, but it sounds like a great time to sit down and have a good sulk over a cup of tea.


  11. Mercury in Retro-Centigrade. Thermometers across Canada are shivering in unison… ‘scuse me while I go warm up in my Tauntaun:(

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  12. Maybe that is why my computer is playing up again! Would be nice to have a reason.


  13. Mercury b****y retrograde AGAIN? Seems we’ve only just had it!


  14. NOW you tell me it’s a bad time to start new projects!!!!

    Mercury retrograde combined with these brutally cold temperatures is reason enough to hunker down under a blanket and do nothing 😉



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