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To Save the Day


It has come to my attention that I have been blogging exactly 366 days. That is, here on WordPress. There were two other false starts on that “other” blogging platform, but they don’t count. The Zombies are three times charmed, and here I am, one year later.

So where to from here? I am conflicted, to tell you the truth. Something has changed and I cannot exactly tell you what that is. Writer’s block? mmmm …maybe. It might just be that I’m in the downward swing of a cycle. Soon, I will champ at the bit to blog, blog, blog.

For now though, I shall turn to the daily prompt for my inspiration. Which may or may not be a wise thing since I understand that WordPress is experiencing “technical difficulties” with daily prompt notifications.  Ah well, Mercury is retrograde after all.

Even lazier, for content  I shall re-blog a piece of mine from early last year in which I save a little girl from certain catastrophe. Enjoy.

Maggie Wilson Author

My Hero My Hero

So. You want to hear about my first crush? Not to brag, but I had my attention focused on TWO fellas. Yup. You heard me. Back to back, two guys and me in the middle.

Tsk. Silly. In the middle of the room, watching morning cartoons. Right after Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo, and The Friendly Giant – who was a contender, I will admit. He had such a gentle disposition, and what’s not to love about a man with a tin flute? But to be in love with three? C’mon, even I knew that was a stretch. No pun intended.

First there was Mighty Mouse, and then Hercules. Wait, excuse me, The MIGHTY Hercules.

I suppose IF you forced me to choose (please don’t make me! I don’t think I could bear to part with either of these magnificent creatures!) I would go with the most human-like. I…

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15 replies

  1. Anyone who knows that it is “champing at the bit” and not “chomping at the bit” (or is that just a US malapropism?) must keep writing – we need you! I understand about those downward swings, though.

    I actually had a crush on Boris Karloff when I was a (weird) little girl.


  2. Happy Bloggaversary, Maggie!


  3. Oh, Mighty Mouse, yes!! I don’t remember The Friendly Giant…. A whole year, eh? That means I have learned and laughed for a year. So look forward to your posts, Ms Maggie, which means I miss you when you don’t. Congratulations on a year with WP!


  4. Maggie – i love your crush on Mighty Mouse 😊 now that tune will be running through my head !!

    I’m sending you an email. wink


  5. And I forgot to say Hearty CONGRATULATIONS on your one year milestone! Well done; I have SO enjoyed and learned from your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, quirks and loveable self with us.


  6. Maggie, congratulations on the one year blog anniversary! Maybe the new year start’s a little slow for you, but your writing will pick up! I enjoy reading all of your posts, and of course I love your little Zombie guy! Christine



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