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If we were having coffee…Acronym-Rich Version

[On second thought, since it’s HH (Happy Hour)…] …If We Were Having Wine… …I’d tell you about my week. It’s been lively! An unusual, and I must say, welcome departure from what I’m used to. The course work for the MET program is blessedly light and so far, easy. (Forgive me, this week I finally learned the official Northern College acronym for “Mining Engineering Technician.” Three years in and only […]

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To Save the Day

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My Hero So. You want to hear about my first crush? Not to brag, but I had my attention focused on TWO fellas. Yup. You heard me. Back to back, two guys and me in the middle. Tsk. Silly. In the middle of the room, watching morning cartoons. Right after Romper Room, Captain Kangaroo, and The Friendly Giant – who was a contender, I…

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Mercury Retrograde

I KNEW it! Nothing says mercury retrograde like forwarding an email to a couple of dozen provincial executives with a request that they forward it to their 9000 members in order to respond to an email request from the UK for messages of congratulations regarding their centennial. The problem? That UK email appears to be invalid. Sit tight everyone, prepare for any number of glitches in communication and transportation. Silly delays, misplaced […]

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