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Traditional Brandy Snap

Seasons Greetings one and all. As I wrote this piece yesterday for the FWIC blog, you were my intended audience. Which is a giant no-no in Communications 101 – “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. I was a little less straight-laced than I normally am when I write for the women’s institutes. Maybe it was the brandy talking.

The Federation of Women's Institutes of Canada

I just received a wonderful newsletter from the British Columbia WI Provincial Board. Now, I must confess that I didn’t read the greetings very closely because I was distracted by a snap. A Brandy Snap, to be precise. What is that? Well, stick around, and I’ll tell you!

In her message, Janet writes

When I was very young and still living in England my parents always took us to the “Hull Fair” and while we were there we always bought some brandy snaps (If you Google Hull Fair you can read about their history; it has been going for 7 centuries) (Also Google Brandy Snap and you can find the recipe). When we immigrated to Canada we thought we would never have Brandy Snap again, but my Aunty Irene knew how much we liked it, so she sent us some the next year and every year for the last 55…

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9 replies

  1. nothing like a good brandy snap filled with cream!


  2. Ooh, but imagine the treat if you dipped them in brandy, just because, you know, to make the name more REAL. Yeah.


  3. I’m thinking that with a little research I bet I can find a store somewhere in Toronto that sells english products. I’ll keep you posted 😉


  4. They are very easy to make, Maggie, but a bit fiddly wrapping them around the handle of a greased wooden spoon. You have to work quick before they cool. There are videos on YouTube (of course) and you can use maple syrup if you haven’t got golden syrup (which is what we use in Australia). And there is no reason you can’t add a dash of brandy to the whipped cream. Yum. 😀



  1. Today we celebrate Maple Syrup! | The Zombies Ate My Brains

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