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PSA in Two Parts

public-service-announcementI follow Nina over on The Getting Old BlogI may have written about her here before, but after reading FIRST HUSBAND (I OF II) I feel compelled to write a public service announcement in order to advise you: Go. Read. Prepare to be delighted.

The second part of this PSA relates to the comment I left on that post last night. It was re-directed to spam. She was surprised.

WordPress put your comment on my blog in spam! How could they have done that? Especially as I don’t read each piece of spam anymore before clicking “Empty Spam.” It was only as it was all disappearing forever that I saw your name. WHAT DID YOU SAY? Many thanks in advance for repeating yourself. 🙂

I told her the sad story. Some time ago, I got fed up with Yahoo email as my primary email service, so I switched my WordPress email account to Gmail. What I didn’t expect was that comments I left on others’ blogs now required moderation or were considered spam.

So. If you haven’t heard from me in a while (I know, you’ve just been DYING to hear from me) it’s for one of two reasons. I’ve been busy with school work and not blogging nearly as often. Or WordPress.

By the way, here’s what I told Nina about her post:

This is marvelous writing, Nina. I am at a loss as to how to tell you how much I enjoyed it without gushing or resorting to hyperbole. I look forward to part II. Actually, I more look forward to hearing that it will be published. It deserves to be. Seriously.

Now. Go. Read. Prepare to be delighted.


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31 replies

  1. How could I too not be delighted after reading this? Seriously. Although now I have to worry that Part II doesn’t disappoint….


  2. oooo – I love digging my teeth into a new story. thanks for suggesting it!!


  3. Every now and then I am horrified to see who has fallen into the depths of the SPAM folder. Good reminder to go check.

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  4. You are so good, Maggie. Remember I asked you why I had to moderate your comment on my blog? At least it didn’t go to spam. But still–moderate Maggie??!! 🙂


  5. What a great find, thanks for the suggestion Maggie. Now following!


  6. Spam filters are sometimes quite annoying. The good news: I have rarely been hit by either false positives or had legitimate e-mail sen… NEVER MIND. I’ve had several WordPress e-mails snared by my Gmail spam filter.


  7. Thanks for the PSA! I am now following Nina’s blog.


  8. No immoderate Maggie comments in my Spam. I think I’m disappointed.

    I’ve had a Gmail account since the days when the only way you could get one was to be invited. Nine years last December 3rd. 🙂


  9. Thank you very much for the recomandation! I really enjoyed the read 🙂


  10. Thanks Maggie for directing me to this wonderful story!


  11. I found out accidentally last summer that all of my comments on everybody’s blogs had been consigned to spam. I thought it might be a bit of editorial comment by WordPress but made them fix it anyway.


    • Well! Did you ever figure out why?


      • It was HELL! I am sorry to say that WordPress support was completely useless. First to get somebody to even believe I was having a problem. Their question: “are you sure you’re not leaving comments on a blog that moderates comments first?” That sort of thing. (I get that they probably are inundated with what they think are dumb questions.)

        Anyway, what happened is that I went to each person where I knew I had left one of my brilliant comments and asked them to check their spam folders. And there I was. As soon as they “unspammed” me, things worked in the future. Don’t ask me why. So I am always leery when I don’t hear from a blogging friend knowing that either my comment landed in spam, or theirs. Good luck.


  12. Well, now I know why WordPress decided you (and your latest comment) needed a time out in my moderation area before seeing the light of day. You were lonely in there, but at least you weren’t rumbling around with the spam. 😉


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