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One Word Photo Challenge: Pine

malachite 2394_001

Seasonally appropriate pine-coloured needles of malachite from Morocco

3.3 x 3.0 x 1.5 cm

Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge

Categories: Mineral Collecting, Photography

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52 replies

  1. Wow, I love the texture on that. Amazing!


  2. Wow – that’s amazing. So beautiful.


  3. Stunning. I love the texture and varying shades of pine. Thank you so much for sharing.


  4. This rock/mineral (?) makes me want to fly to Morocco and see what else I’ve missed. Very nice.:-)


  5. Nifty! I gotta save this one for Moo!


  6. It actually looks soft – like a makeup brush. I always see the weirdest things in your posts. But I love them!


  7. Very cool, Maggie! I thought of old growth redwood bark and pine needles before I ever saw your words!! Would love to touch this one, although it looks like the color would rub right off!


  8. Really nice. You must have an amazing collection!


  9. Can you get it in Pine Sol scent? Seriously Maggie, what a wonderful photo!!


  10. This is what happens when copper weathers? soooo – copper is unweathered malachite? … and it comes in strand-like layers?

    It’s very beautiful 🙂


    • Simply stated, yes. It’s what happens when copper comes into contact with other elements in water (carbonates, actually) over a period of time and under appropriate pressures. Think of it this way: malachite is to copper as rust is to iron. You know, like how a copper roof takes on a dull green finish. Malachite can be massive or crystallized – that is, not always in a definite form.


  11. Are you sure it’s not an alien’s skull (top view)? Yeah, I know. I see aliens everywhere… But I’m pretty sure I saw this one on Doctor Who once. 🙂

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  12. The color is so intense, Maggie; it mesmerized me.


  13. That’s beautiful. I almost wouldn’t have thought it was a mineral/rock (? what is it?). Some sort of coral or plant maybe.


  14. Malachite is what happens when copper weathers–I never knew that! Everyone has already used all the adjectives but this is some kind of mineral, Maggie! I am lovin’ it!!


  15. Wow, Maggie. An inspired choice! I had no idea that the smooth malachite I’m accustomed to seeing in jewelry could be this…. well, textural.


  16. Jealousy strikes again. I would love to add that to our collection.


  17. Wow, that really is an amazing substance. I had to look it up to see just what use they found for it, and one of the first things I discovered was a Neoclassical vase at the Hermitage Museum, in St Petersburg, that is larger than the man who is pictured looking at it. Absolutely amazing, and yours is a fine specimen. Thank-you for encouraging me to enlarge my knowledge base once again, it’s always so much fun to do so, and now you’re listed forever in my “Lifetime Book of Heroes and Heroines”. Congratulations, (as the trumpets flourish in the background). I’ll read you later.



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