The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

It’s Time for the Daily Ritual!

That’s right, folks, time to clean up my desktop. Digitally as well as physically. Dust bunnies and coffee stains need to go! I’ll take care of the physical part after I share the photos destined for the recycle bin.

Since I’ve been involved with the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Canada, a great deal of my online time includes looking at food, crafts, women’s issues, and the history of Canada. I’m learning a lot, especially about our local history. Last Sunday, Reiner and I were out for a walk in the older part of town. It was kind of surreal since I’ve spent more time looking at vintage shots than the real thing these days. Which is something of a warning sign, I’m sure. I need to get out more often!

Below is a map of the town of Paris in 1847. Our house, built in 1885 is not on the map. Our street is not on the map!


Paris 1847

Town of Paris, ON 1847

‘Tis the season. Time to dress up the cheesecake. Click on the image, if you’d like to see the easy-peasy (famous last words) instructions.


Swanky Cheesecake

Next: I love this image. Movember is great. Sure, what’s not to love? But. I harbour some unpleasant sentiment that I dare not reveal, other to say, I LOVE THIS IMAGE!

Little Bowden Women’s Institute members proved they are a high-brow group by getting into the spirit of Mo’ket Harborough when, for one night only, they became Little Brow-den WI. Being unable to grow moustaches was no barrier to getting in on the Movember action. Instead, the Mo Sistas paid £1 for the privilege of sticking or drawing on the wackiest possible eyebrows, with all proceeds going to the Movember Foundation.


Move over Movember!

In other news, the semester is just about over. I have one more assignment to complete, then a couple of weeks dedicated to studying and writing final exams.  The work load has eased considerably, and I hope to spend more time here reading and writing. Until then, thanks for reading!


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39 replies

  1. I think it’s a good thing to have a clean workspace, as even if you know where everything is, there’s something about disorder which gets to a person’s mind too! I am very bad about this, however. I’ll probably do a bunch of cleaning tomorrow, since the day before a holiday is virtually never productive for me!


  2. I will live vicariously through your clean desk for now. Virtual desktop is pretty good. Physical desktop…not so much. Good luck with your exams.


  3. Clear your desk? Stop scaring me. Really, do you have any idea how upsetting this is?


  4. Wow – that must have been really weird to discover a map where your 130 year old house hasn’t been built yet!!


  5. Good to hear from you Maggie–I miss you!


  6. Mags, Santa doesn’t care if we clean our desk, right?!?

    I love old maps AND Paris. A win-win post. Thank you 😊


  7. I had no idea there was a Paris in Canada!

    Speaking of recipes, did you ever try the date brownies? I have yet to do the beetroot cupcakes, I’ve been quite lazy recently.
    Oh and happy Thanksgiving!


    • Yup. So named for the gypsum deposits… which in turn was used to make Plaster of Paris. Go figure, a mining town, of sorts.

      Coincidentally, I misplaced the recipe but found it just a few hours before you wrote, Celine. It is now on my list of things to do! (And no, the messy desktop had nothing to do with it, I swear!)


  8. With eyebrows like those of the brave Canadian gals, I would find it irresistible not to imitate Groucho Marx. Which I do rather well, by the way…oh, and that cheesecake….


  9. And thank you for writing. I’ll continue reading as long as you continue writing!


  10. Aways enjoy your thoughts Maggie. Great idea for decorating a chese cake!
    Wish you well with your exam. Nice clean desk should help! 😊


  11. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  12. I almost licked the screen when I scrolled down to the cheesecake. 🙂


  13. Congrats on the clean desktop, good luck on the exams (not that you’ll need any luck), and tell the ladies a fellow Canadian thinks the eyebrows look great.


  14. Now I feel guilty and I want that cake.


  15. Wow I’m so thrilled to ‘meet’ you fellow WI member x your blog is great and I’m glad you enjoyed mine x look forward to getting to know you.


  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog Maggie. Have fun cleaning up you blog spots.


  17. The desktop forget it, once a month find its surface, things don’t get lost if you don’t clean up and shred the piece of paper you need with the password for your online pharmacy. Now to the part that perked up my interest, Paris in Canada, time for a tangent on Bing, sorry Goggle, you are no longer my best friend, get over it. Haha, I found it, the ancient map was the key, Bing the term “Paris somewhere in Canada on a river”, presto a website, tubing, now I know what draws people to your Paris, floating on the river, now to read up on the history of area, love love history. BTW, I heard you were feeling left out on the flirting side of the internet, beware what you ask for, in comments on other people’s post. For now, its too early in morning, but after my third cup of coffee, I am sure I have a worthwhile flirt comment.


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