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Women on Banknotes

Merna Forster’s petition has received considerable media attention lately. In 2011, the only Canadian women ever to make it on to our bank notes were erased and replaced with an icebreaker. Over 50,000 have signed Merna Forster’s petition on asking the Bank of Canada to commit to featuring women from Canadian history on our bank notes.

Who would you want to see featured when you’re up at the cash? Submit your suggestion using our one-minute image generator and find out what the Canada $100.00 bill would look like with Emily Carr, Viola Desmond, Molly Brant or your favourite Canadian heroine from history!

The Federation of Women's Institutes of Canada

women on banknotes

Click on the image above to access the petition created by Merna Forster.

Please sign the petition.

You might want to nominate a certain favourite Canadian woman of your own.

We, of course, are happy to see that Addie has been endorsed.

Click on the photo below to add to the discussion, if you like.

addie on banknote


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About FWIC

The idea to form a national group was first considered in 1912. In 1914, however, when the war began the idea was abandoned. At the war’s end, Miss Mary MacIsaac, Superintendent of Alberta Women’s Institute, revived the idea. She realized the importance of organizing the rural women of Canada so they might speak as one voice for…

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23 replies

  1. Seriously? Replaced with an icebreaker?


    • Now, I had to Google that title and now I will have to read the book!


      • I think you would really enjoy it, Maggie. I had just assumed all Canadians grew up reading it, but perhaps she’s rejected up there because in her old age she moved to…California! And that’s where she wrote her story, I believe.

        She would be a great representative of of all of the hardy early female pioneers. There was an Indian neighbor, a woman, who helped her–she’s named in the book–if that native Canadian woman were also on the bill (although, or because, not prominent in the story), how doubly appropriate.


  2. I’m ashamed that I had no idea who or what graced the fifty dollar bill. Thanks for the lesson!


  3. We had the same thing happen here. When we went to the new plastic money, they removed Caroline Chisholm from the $5 note and replaced her with Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, okay, so it was another woman but it wasn’t one of ours.
    But an icebreaker? Seriously?
    Didn’t the UK have a similar campaign recently? [H goes off to google it] Yes. Last year. Jane Austen got a guernsey on the GBP10.
    Hope the campaign is successful.


    • You know? England, Australia, and now Canada. Call me cynic, or a conspiracy theorist, but if anyone were to tell me these events were isolated and not part of a larger scheme… to them I’d say, “Baloney Sandwich!” Or some such emotionally charged retort.

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  4. I agree, women should be represented, we’ve had a male dominated society long enough! Well done Maggie for bringing this to our attention. 🙂


  5. We had this happen in the UK as well, the only woman on bank notes other than the queen was replaced by Churchill (at least it wasn’t an ice breaker that’s just shocking!). A woman set up a petition to keep a woman on UK bank notes, and we now have Jane Austen. Here’s hoping the Canadian petition gets the desired result!

    As a sad side note the woman who started the UK petition received so many terrible threats online as a result that she had a breakdown and retired from all internet for a while. Isn’t that terribly sad – she got death threats, rape threats, the works, all for asking that a woman remain on the UK bank notes.

    To finish on a happier note, I love it’s such a great website – seeing regular people like you and me start a petition that has a real impact on those around us is inspiring.


  6. I doubt we’ll ever be honored by a picture of a female on our monies.


  7. That’s so disturbing. Who is in charge of this? An icebreaker, pfft!


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