The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Viva Cicada

Today we had the first significant dump of snow this season. Like my Canadian writing friend here, I’m longing already for warmer weather.


No birds no beesP1430313(1)(1)

No flowers no trees

No wonder


 -Benny Hill

Tibicen canicularis

It’s unmistakably November. It snowed enough today that it couldn’t be ignored. I am longing for a nice warm summer day. Even if it means bugs.

I conjur up the next best thing – a photo to kindle the feeling.  No, it’s not a quintessential beach. It’s a bug, a BIG bug, a cicada. Normally you don’t see them as they hang out in the tree tops, that is when they are not grubbing around underground for years.

This handsome survivor above was left homeless after our walnut tree was uprooted and destroyed in a windstorm that tore through our neighbourhood last year, decimating many of the mature trees. I miss those trees sorely and particularly the walnut tree where the cicadas merrily perched on high rehearsing for their last instinctive duty.  The buzz of cicadas is nothing like…

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5 replies

  1. We had just a dusting today. The dog wants me to pile it up into Mt. Maddie. This is the time of year that I like that winter is approaching. I’ll catch up to you in a few months Maggie.


  2. Humbled I am, thank you for sharing this. I’m as snug as a bug in a plug now, thanks to you 🙂


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