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One Liner Wednesday October 22, 2014

Slime Monsters Source

Slime Monsters Source

But I’m from Oregon where slime molds grow big enough to take down an apartment complex or run for governor.

Alice Keys

In response to a comment left on my post about green-coloured clay.

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26 replies

  1. so gross but so cool! I love it!


  2. At first I thought it was a jade sculpture….


  3. Ha! But ewww! 😀 Thanks for this, Maggie!

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  4. I’ve lost track of who Oregon’s governor is, but I’m sure it’d do a better job than many states’ current ones.


  5. Thank God it’s not Florida.


  6. Slime moulds can be a lot of fun. Except at parties, weddings and funerals. This looks like a final instar larva that has been parasitised by an ichneumon wasp.


  7. That is disgusting. Yep, it belongs in government.


  8. What a descriptive comment and a slimy image to fit!


  9. I find this HILARIOUS! I just moved to the PNW (Seattle area) with my family from the East Coast and the climate is definitely a different animal out here 🙂 I am discovering that an abundance of grey skies makes me appreciate the sunshine that much better though ❤


  10. I’m going to deeply betray my geekiness, but slime molds are fascinating things from a biological standpoint. 🙂


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