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Daily Ritual

I may not be the tidiest housekeeper. Don’t look now, but there are cobwebs in the corners. (Agh! I asked you not to look!) So I am at a loss as how to explain my devotion to a clean computer desktop. Every morning before I settle down to work, I scan the monitor for unnecessary icons and move them to the recycle bin. Here is today’s contribution:

For my cousin Barb who was recently widowed and yesterday moved house from Midland to Ottawa. She asked for prayers of strength.

For my cousin who was recently widowed and yesterday moved house from Midland to Ottawa. She asked for prayers of strength.

Sitting Bull - this is my friend's bull, Sebastien. He no longer resides on the farm.

Sitting Bull – this is my friend’s bull, Sebastien. He no longer resides on the farm.

loose women

I encountered this 1937 video while researching women’s institutes in New Brunswick. This branch is from a the village Loose in the UK. And yes, the chapter is “still in business.”

So, that illustrates my Thursday. And now I will refill my coffee cup and get started with Friday! Have a great weekend, one and all.

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In hindsight, this fits with The Daily Post from a couple of days ago.

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  1. Loose Women and Sitting Bull…..and my Friday is off to a rousing start! Gotta love ya’, Maggie! Happy Friday to you!

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  2. What amazing diversity, love your selection. Bless your cousin; a loss and a move, huge changes deserve some prayers. Just love the Loose Women’s Institute!! You do discover some interesting things Maggie. ❤


  3. I’m taken with the artwork on the strength icon. Quite lovely. Happy Friday and weekend to you, Maggie.


  4. I love spiders in the corners! Good for controlling moths, LOL! I totally agree with a clean computer desktop. 🙂


  5. hahahahaha! Loose Womens Institute!! Either they have a great sense of humour or simply don’t get it 🙂

    Tarot? Really? Just one more thing Maggie …. 😉


    • I know! It was from 1937, so I’m going with “didn’t get it.” Though knowing the women who are involved in the WI in the UK, I expect they have a few good laughs about it today.

      So. Tarot, too, eh? Why am I not surprised?


  6. Great selection Maggie. Have you ever joined in on Cee’s Photography challenge called Odd ball photos?


  7. I wasn’t on the front row when they handed out dusters. I enjoy your posts though.


  8. Haha! Very nice. I got a chuckle out of two of these – best wishes to your cousin. Ottawa is a far cry from Midland, in more ways than one.


  9. Better spiders than other bugs like fruit flies or bed bugs!


  10. New tourist ad: “Loose Women’s Prison. Another reason to visit the UK.”


  11. Loose Womens Institute is hard to believe but I’ll buy it.


  12. That prayer card is beautiful. Now I want Tarot cards! And religious cards (have a couple from an antique market in paris – haven’t seen anything like them here).

    Great post!


  13. Well Maggie Mae, I think I finally found where you and I differ. My computer desktop is so cluttered with icons and files (I don’t know how to make nor retrieve new files, so everything gets saved on desktop) that there are literally “piles” of icons, one on top of one another. Do you hire out your computer cleaning services? Call yourself “The Desktop DusterBuster?”


  14. Why on earth would you bin the sitting bull ? – he’s LUVERLY !!! 😀


  15. Love the Loose Women’s Institute. I wanna join that one.

    I am not a desktop type of person but am mad about Folders. And then I try not to look in the folders if I can help it. Out of sight, out of mind….


  16. Haha. Laughing at the last one! (Sexist pigs!) I say that in jest. Sort of. ;0) Hope your weekend is a good one too! I too am a) a bad desktop housekeeper and b) fanatical about cleaning it up. I pivot back and forth between the two, usually. (Right now it’s clean…heh.)


  17. We allow a family of daddy long legs to live inside. They make great pets.


  18. Great card. That’s my fave. Best wishes for your cousin.
    And you just inspired me to write a bull story…like, literal bull.


  19. I totally want to be a member of the Loose Womens Institute! Do you think they would make me move there before they would consider me? I just don’t know if I’m up for a move across the pond. I guess I could move to Clever, Missouri and start a women’s institute there!


  20. Oh there’s a TV show in the UK called loose women…..Seems that women of the loose persuasion have the choice between an institute or a TV show.
    Not sure what that says but I’m putting it out there 😉

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  21. I too loves yer sittin’ bull, but feels reel dum now cuz my perpiskacity was flummicksed: I didn’t gess the name of the town.

    (What I want to know is, is there an equivalent men’s organization by now?)



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