Maggie Wilson Author

Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Please Allow me to Introduce Fizz


And her pal Colin.

I write about and photograph the nature around me from a little farm in The Forest of Dean. I watch plants, animals, fungi, I don’t have a field of expertise but I do have a field full of Wildflowers and Badgers. I get so much enjoyment from the natural world and I want to share what I see and so I blog about it. (With pictures) I hope that you enjoy my blog. All the best – Colin

I’ve followed Colin’s blog for a couple of weeks now and am completely captivated by his work. I know some of you also follow him, but I want to make sure that he receives wider readership. He deserves it.

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22 replies

  1. He is incredibly knowledgeable and shares his knowledge in a very accessible and humorous way. Colin is also good. One of my favourite bloggers, especially as I know the Forest of Dean reasonably well.


  2. In spite of being greeted by a giant pile of DUNG when I clicked over, I can see the immense appeal of this blog. What charming writing and beautiful photographs….of the flora and fauna to be specific! LOL.


  3. A great blog!! Thanks for the intro 🙂


  4. Such a sweet blog with a funny point of view. Following. Thanks for introducing it to us.


  5. Thank you! I am intrigued…and now following Colin!


  6. Wow. That scored an instant follow from me and I’m so glad I’m living in Australia or I’d be down to the Forest of Dean to try and find them. Thanks Maggie!


  7. Maggie that is really lovely 🙂 Thank you.


  8. Thanks Maggie for introducing another wonderful blog!


  9. Thanks, Maggie!mthis looks great!

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