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That Which Keeps Me Awake

That Which Keeps Me Awake – Alphabetized Because I’m OCD-ish


Bumps in the night. Usually the cat.


Different bed

Exams (see anxiety)

Flatulence (not mine)

Guy has all the blankets

Hot Flashes

Insomnia (d’uh)

Jabs in the ribs (hubby is so pokey)

Knees (likewise)


Motel smells and sounds

Noise from the yard like cats squabbling

Overfull bladder

Purring cat. I love you but. (see warm kitty below)

Queer goings-on at the neighbour’s three blocks away.

Restless mind

Snoring (also not mine)

Train whistles

Unidentified noises from the street

Very loud cracks of thunder.

Warm kitty.

Xtra helpings of stuffing.

Yodelling coyotes

ZZZZZzzzzzz – lookit that, finally managed to nod off.



Inspired by Sharon Pribble of Writing Essential Group and Today’s Prompt

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57 replies

  1. Reading this list I feel like I should be getting at least twice as much sleep than you, not having any sleeping companions. Yet my exhaustion tells me otherwise…

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  2. Cold feet. And hot feet πŸ˜‰


  3. That’s quite a list. While I admire your ability to alphabetize it, I wish there weren’t enough for you to do so.

    I guess I am very blessed. My list is short – work, a good book, or a sick child or spouse.


  4. “F” is for funny. This happens in my bedroom far too regularly – not from the beloved one next to me, I confess, but from that old dog of mine….who sleeps away blissfully in a green haze. LOL!


  5. Just out of curiosity, what does stuffing do to you?? (I know what it does to me and it’s not pleasant-and that certainly keeps me awake at night!) xx


  6. Then there’s that story that insists it must be written at 4 a.m.


  7. Ahhh – the bane of my existence … sleep, or rather the lack thereof!! Is there anything worse?!!!
    Well said my friend!


  8. I’m a horrible sleeper, so I completely commiserate with you.


  9. I recognize those remarks! LOL Doesn’t everyone sleep best on a big slab of white bread? πŸ˜‰


  10. For me the hotel thing is the periodic flashing light on the smoke detectors. What’s up eith that ? Train whistles make me happy though, whenever I hear them. Pleasant dreams.


    • You remind me of another one, Dan… the sound of electronics beeping their last dying … beep.

      You know the tune, right?

      … beep…

      [long enough pause that you are about to return to sleep then]

      … beep….


      Or the sound of a tap dripping!! I don’t WANT to get up and turn it shut! I DON’T WANNA.

      Right. I’m 58 and a half years old.

      Thanks for the night night sleep tight. Here’s hoping!

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  11. I think I slept well, oh, somewhere back in the early ’80s.

    I love an alphabetised list – well done!


  12. I like H’s comment, much too creative for sleep! Your post is entertaining and very cleverly done Maggie! ❀


  13. I know all about sleep troubles. Gah. I just want to say that I’ve slept VERY WELL all week. I think it’s my new tea. Just bought it last Sunday, have slept well since. Can’t even be bothered to worry. It’s quite nice. I hope it’s the tea, that way I will always drink the tea and always sleep!


  14. you have OCD, too? But it is COD because that’s the way it should be! I crack up every time I see that.
    What a list, Maggie. I stand in awe…

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  15. love this – you are so funny


  16. I’ll add a third clever to the tally, as my applause-o-meter goes off the deep end. So now I’m breathless in anticipation for the sequel “That Which Puts Me to Sleep”. Of course there is always one fly in the oinkment and that would be me with my Rip Van Winkle ways. My problem is waking up. I have to sing the “Waking Up is Hard to Do” song in my head to get me going as I struggle through my somnambulent days. (Yes, the Neil Sedaka one, that goes “You know that Waking Up -is- Hard to Do, now you know, you know that it’s true” etc.) As for your list I would substitute M for Mosquito, W for Whoopie (well that’s actually a good reason to stay awake ;), and if I had to buy a vowel, it would be A for Asthma or Allergies. I hope those aren’t your initials. Your ending had me at ZZZ while I flashed back to Good Night Mr Bean (and the Christmas Turkey episode in reference to your previous post). Bravissimo! Encore!


    • Ah, thank you for joining in the fun and games! The Mr Bean episode, with the turkey is an all time favourite.

      As soon as I find out what puts me to sleep, you’ll be the first to know!

      Now I have Neil in my head… thanks. I think. πŸ˜‰


  17. So happy to hear YOUR flatulence doesn’t keep you awake πŸ™‚

    I was awake last night on the dot at 2, 3, and 5 am. Not sure why except I was not in my own bed. That does make a difference.

    Clever writing, Mags. Hope you have colorful sunny weather this weekend XXOO


  18. I lie awake worrying that I will sleep through the alarm.


  19. Fabulous…yet familiar! So many similar things keeping us awake. πŸ˜‰


  20. The cat barfing up a fur ball in the middle of the night.


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