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One Word Photo Challenge: Navy

Azurite_001 Azurite_007 Azurite_008

Rich navy blue botryoids of azurite

host a second generation of a half-dozen or so bladed crystals of azurite to 0.6 cm.

From the world-famous Morenci Mine in Arizona

H:6cm x W:3cm x D:1.2cm

Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge 

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40 replies

  1. This is gorgeous. Almost looks velvety.


  2. Now you went and done it. You brought this out of me.


  3. I love the texture on that one with that rich color too 🙂


  4. This one is my most favorite EVER!!! Gorgeous.



  5. Totally agree with Sherry! Absolutely gorgeous.


  6. Wow! What a color. Although I’d like to see a one word photo challenge on botryoids.


  7. Now that’s gorgeous, it makes me think of blue suede and damn, it, Elvis! 😀 xx


  8. And what about Diane Renay and “Navy Blue.” Pay no attention to Google calling it ‘oldies’ music…Gorgeous color!


  9. Sorry – I’m not going to offer any tunes, just my appreciation for the amazing photos of such a beautifully blue stone 🙂


  10. GOODNESS, that’s beautiful, Maggie ! – absolutely stunning.
    … . …….. … …… . . .. …….. ……
    Yes, I do thing I’ve said that before.
    Sighh …
    But these minerals are simply gorgeous, and I should love to have cupboards full of them to drool over !


  11. Wow I’m wild about that color! And the texture looks different from many of your other minerals. I want to touch this one!

    I have been thinking about you, Maggie, and hope you are feeling in control of your many commitments. It seems the seasonal change and lunar activity have thrown some off stride. I send best wishes and hugs.


  12. Such intense and beautiful color and texture in nature!!


  13. This is such an unusual and beautiful colour Maggie!


  14. Awww, that’s puuurty!

    (Seriously, though, I adore the colour in this one.)


  15. Hey, as one who appreciates the power of crystals, I love this. And we don’t see enough blue in nature. Not what we can harness and touch.



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