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Angel Food Cake

The funny fellow over at Drinking Tips for Teens wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about his cookbooks. It put me in mind of my small library. These days, most of the recipes that I use frequently, are those I’ve printed from online. They sit in a blue loose-leaf folder among the cookbooks. All of these cookbooks combined contain at most a half-dozen favourite recipes. And these are rarely […]

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An interesting thing… as I’ve been watching and reading all the tributes and tweets and online outpouring regarding Robin Williams’ death, it surprised me to see how much he’d aged since I last saw him. Which was when exactly? Probably last year, a Pinterest post of a Whose Line? segment from 2000 or 2001. I just looked through IMDB. The last film of his that I watched was Bicentennial Man. That […]

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WEMon August 11, 2014 Mistakes, Gaffs and Goof-ups

Let’s start off with a riddle: Q: How many home owners does it take to replace a light bulb? A: None. None because this home owner refused to replace the burnt out light bulb in the oven when she learned it costs $25.00. That’s right, you read correctly. This particular light bulb in our particular oven cost $25.00 back in 2007. There are four altogether. I have decided to bake in the dark. […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Emerald

“It’s just beryl,” says my husband when mineral talk turns to emeralds. Scornful like. It troubles him that precious stones such as diamond and emerald are so incredibly plentiful relative to the rarer mineral species yet they command huge dollars on the cut-stone market. You have to hand it to De Beers for outstanding marketing. His scorn is further enhanced by the fact the perfectly gorgeous natural crystals are put […]

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If you are Reading This. And a Request.

If you are reading this in WordPress Reader, then I wish you a good day. If you are not reading this in Reader, and you should be because you have elected to read my blog in Reader… then… um… hmm. That’s a problem, isn’t it? I have come to the conclusion that every now and again I must take some time to work through the list of bloggers that I follow […]

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The Treasure Hunt

One of the appeals of mineral collecting is the concept of treasure hunt. While the minerals that we look for do not fill the bill as regards monetary value, they are precious for their scientific significance. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course, we are grateful that other mineral collectors are willing to pay for the specimens that we uncover. When we put an item up for auction, and two or […]

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