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Lid Toast

About ten years before Survivor and other reality shows of its kind took over prime time viewing, public broadcasters such as PBS and TVO here in Canada featured several documentaries that held my interest. These focused on survival of a different sort. One was a BBC program The Victorian Garden. This was in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I was crazy nuts for anything to do with herbs and vegetables […]

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 33

Oops. Looks like I missed a week. Do you believe in ghosts?  If by ghosts you mean a spiritual realm, yes, absolutely. Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility:  If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?  Or if you can’t picture yourself playing sports, what is your favorite sport? I’d play Skeets. Otherwise known as Trap Shooting. Here’s why: I’ve always been intrigued by the sport […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Lavender

[To herself] Lavender, eh? Lavender… hmm, I’ve done purple, I’ve shown them eggplant, and I already flooded the blogosphere with pictures of amethyst. What do I have left to show them that fits this variation of purple? OK, nothing to do but search through the photo files. This time, though, I’m sorting the list from Z to A. That way I’ll avoid aforementioned quartz variety. BINGO! This is PERFECT! Ladies […]

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WEMon: Aug 18, 2014 – Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

School starts in a couple of weeks. Judging by the jolt of excitement I get when I think about that, I know I’m ready for the return to my studies. This is the final year of the Mining Engineering Technician Program, barring any unforeseen events. (Unforeseen events = knock on wood.) I wonder how long the excitement will last? You see, if this year is the same as the last two, I’ll be ready […]

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In Free Fall

OK. Things are about to get a little woo-woo. The other day I wrote about the tidal wave of emotion I felt in response to Robin Williams death. I think there is something “otherworldly” going on. Spiritually, psychically, I dunno. Something, though, outside the realm of the physical world. Have you read Malcolm Gladwell? In The Tipping Point he talks about “connectors”. These are people who are central, or the common denominator in […]

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Job Opportunity

OK folks. Just had a wee bit of excitement this afternoon. Was offered a chance to apply for an internship at a gold mine in Nunavut. For those who are unfamiliar with Canada’s geography, take a look at the map below: the green arrow is about 2500 km from home. Well, from Montreal actually. I’d have to get to Montreal to catch the charter flight to the mine. I must […]

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