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In Entertainment news, the rumour mill is running overtime! According to eye-witness reports, two famous Canadian bloggers were spotted enjoying a spectacularly beautiful day yesterday, as they strolled through the quaint town of Paris, Ontario.

arlington“They ordered the special,” said the waitress at the newly refurbished Arlington Hotel. “And vodka tonics, with lime. Grey Goose. Yes, both of them.”

patioWhen further questioned, the waitress went on to say that the women sat in the farthest corner of the outdoor patio, so they could enjoy a leisurely and private lunch. Plenty of giggles and laughter. “It looked to me like they were long-time friends, or sisters, even, the way they carried on.”

essentialsSusan Van de Kamer, of Essentials and Elements on William Street said that the women stopped by her store. “We talked about some ideas for the one woman’s blog, the one who takes part in the One Day One World Project. I told her about Urban Explorers, you know, people who check out the sub-basements in old hotels or the lofts in train stations, things like that.”

Then conversation apparently turned to talk about the eleventh commandment. “Thou Shalt Not Get Caught”

16 broadwayAfter hugs and kisses and a photo-op*, the bloggers continued their journey through historic downtown Paris. Sharon, an employee at the Paris branch of the County Library saw them walking toward the cobblestone house on Broadway Street. According to unverified reports, the house was recently purchased by the Arlington Hotel for use as a bridal suite.

john m hallPam, an employee of John M Hall spotted the two in the dry goods store. “They weren’t in here long, they didn’t buy anything. The taller one was exclaiming about the flannel pj’s and they both made comments about the original plaster work on the ceiling.

2 riversA patron who was dining on the river view patio of 2 Rivers overheard the bloggers as they took in the view from the Cobblestone Common. The one was heard to remark about the mesmerizing effects of flowing water.

The two were last spotted walking south, along the Grand River, chatting amiably and sharing stories. A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggests that the pair are likely to be spotted together again at a mineral show in September. Stay tuned here, for further updates!


 *Unfortunately, at time of press, the taller of the two was unhappy with the results of the pictures. Maybe next time.

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48 replies

  1. I know! You had to be there. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Darn you, Maggie! You post faster than I can keep up!

    This was so cute and entertaining 🙂 But mean, to deny the end photo 😦


  3. I keep returning for more of everything you write.


  4. Why is the theme song for “Entertainment Tonight” running through my head? Loved this, Maggie, and I too have enjoyed meeting up Virginia bloggers.


  5. I know it’s a sendup … but in these comparatively recent days of my having become totally literal, I don’t grasp it all, Maggie. Forgive me for being a narfwit; Canadian bloggers ? Is it you and Joanne ? You and Sue ? Is it in fact you at all ??? Why can I not get on top of this mystery …? [sob !]


  6. I only wear a beard and sun glasses and a false nose here at word press. When I go out, I travel incognito. I let my long hair down and put on a suit and tie. Otherwise my many many fans would be mobbing me and the paparazzi would be trying to snap my portrait. I know it can be inconvenient but it is the price I have pay for the fame.


  7. A title with “truthiness” (as Stephen Colbert might report). I’m thoroughly entertained by this news. Thanks!


  8. You could have hooked a few more in if you’d called it “Two Canadian bloggers go to Paris for lunch”.


  9. Very clever! It sounds like a lovely day! 😊


  10. This is too much Wit for me to fathom! I LOVE THIS. But here’s what I do not love. I thought you had been a little too quiet as of late. Then when I posted something just now, I noticed that your blog came up on Recommended blogs for me to follow. “What?” I ask myself. “Not again. I ALREADY do follow Maggie.” You’re usually in my Reader several times a week! So I click on your blog and there’s the Follow button, albeit, UNCHECKED. This is like the fifth time this has happened. Is there any explanation for this??


  11. What a delightful and captivating read. I feel as though I was being introduced to some future friends all of whom would be captivating.



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