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In Entertainment News

In Entertainment news, the rumour mill is running overtime! According to eye-witness reports, two famous Canadian bloggers were spotted enjoying a spectacularly beautiful day yesterday, as they strolled through the quaint town of Paris, Ontario. “They ordered the special,” said the waitress at the newly refurbished Arlington Hotel. “And vodka tonics, with lime. Grey Goose. Yes, both of them.” When further questioned, the waitress went on to say that the […]

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Writing: The Early Years

Composed for the Writing Essential Group prompt for Thursday, August 28, 2014 I received an email from my friend S. She is a long time writer, but hasn’t had much opportunity to create lately. She wanted to know what influenced my desire to write, and if I always held that desire. My poor friend. If only she knew how little encouragement I need to share my story. I started the email, “Good […]

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