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Dead Poets

Dead Poets Society – a Tribute to Robin Williams – click on through for YouTube

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Inspired by a wonderful tribute I read this morning.


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  1. Ahhhhh. Thank you for this, Maggie. Such a bright light gone forever. I feel almost a personal loss – seems silly – but he’s been in my living room in one form or another for thirty-some years. He will be terribly missed.


    • It’s so true, he touched most of us in one way, shape, or form. It is a personal loss, even though we may never have known him “personally”. His art was a conduit between the viewer and the vast, passionate mess that is the world. That’s a pretty big bill to fill… keeping all of us in contact with the beauty of the universe.


  2. Thanks for sharing this.

    Tragically many who bring us joy and laughter leave us in such sad and desperate ways.


  3. beyond the addiction, beyond the depression, one gets tired of all the thinking and over thinking. New ideas, over analyzing, pummelled with too much information, trying to make sense of it all when there is no making sense of it.

    Robin Williams’ standout moment for me was on Johnny Carson’s very last show. “Right to life” was, yet again, a key issue in the U.S. presidential race — a race between, oh, a lot of MEN – and Williams brilliantly and concisely spelled it out: “where are the right-to-lifers after a child is born?” And that was his shining moment for me. Where are all those fanatic folks when babies are born into a miserable situation or with health problems and no health insurance?

    It’s almost tiring watching Williams spin for these 14 minutes of the final show. Can you image that your brain is going like this all the time? (the part of which i speak is at 7:43)

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  4. Desperately sad. Another Broken Clown has died. xxx


  5. Well done. I myself am watching his HBO special, Weapons of Self-Destruction at this very moment. :>

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    • Interestingly, he’s already talked about death, suicide and depression (a joke about the GPS telling him to make a right turn in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge of all things), and I’m at the spot in this program where he’s talking about alcoholism and addiction. He certainly was able to bring humor to the darkest subjects. I’m sorry he couldn’t find any hope or humor at the moment he most needed it.


  6. Robin Williams was one of the greats – but at least for me, he will always be Mork.

    For those of you who do not remember the show Mork & Mindy, Mork was an alien who came to earth in a spaceship shaped like an egg. His all-time best impromptu moment was grabbing a carton of eggs and flinging them across the room while exhorting them to “Fly free, little brothers”.


    • I watched the program regularly. I was quite taken with Pam Dawber. My brother uses the “fly away, be free” thing anytime he catches a bug and releases it. I expect that he got it from Mork and Mindy.

      When I was in college 1993 Mrs. Doubtfire was in the theaters. We adopted Robin’s shrill “hellooooooo” as our greeting. I still use it.

      Man he left an imprint, didn’t he?

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  7. So sad that someone who brought us so much joy didn’t have enough for himself to survive. This is a pretty mean world sometimes.


    • Other’s have spoken about feeling exhausted just watching him work. He must have been tired, too. I’ve been reading and watching so many video clips today and so many of them feel portentous. Which is obviously me applying hindsight. But still…

      I would love to hear that he was nourished by his work, rather than drained. Clearly, the exhaustion over balanced the joy. 😦


  8. Thank you for sharing! I feel a deep sadness across the web…I think it is a tribute to Robin from all the people whose lives he touched! It is sad that we could not help him with his depression. Creativity can be a kind of madness and is a difficult path to journey down! My prayer is that he is now in the light and at peace!


    • Thanks Laurin, I feel the sadness too, and I join you in your prayer.

      He is not the first, he will not be the last, but certainly he was a giant among the creative geniuses out there who are tormented by the access they have to both the light and the dark in the world.


  9. Right all of you – it’s so sad when the only option left, seems to be suicide and that’s the one he took. Greg, I remember Mork and Mindy, too. And Mrs. Doubtfire.



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