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wi_FWIClogoYesterday several of my regular correspondents commented on a post I re-blogged from The Federation of Women’s Institutes of Canada site. This is part of my volunteer “work” for the non-profit organization. I put quotes around the word “work” because it really is fun.

I started to volunteer with the group a few weeks ago. My role is Social Media Coordinator. One of my projects is the second blog. FWIC is revamping their website and a blog may or may not be part of the new package. In the meantime, I’ve felt compelled to put together something by way of an example of what their blog might look like. That’s why I mentioned in my reblog that the site is “under construction.”

The FWIC blog will feature recipes, crafts, updates about the different women’s institutes across Canada and international news as well. I see this blog as my primary “content generator” (look at me, talking all social media-y) and link to it via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Instagram is also on my “to do” list, but I’ll need to move into the 21st century for that to happen. My cell phone is one of those vintage jobs from 2004.


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  1. Are you saying you have a flip phone, Maggie? Is that what you’re telling us? Yes, you need a smart phone, STAT!


    • … yeah … flip phone… I know, I know. It’s one of those things I have to put on my to do list. I hate cell phone stores. HATE!

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      • I don’t blame you, they’re loathsome. But I don’t hate them so much that I’d want to use a flip phone…


      • Hey, I like my flip phone. I does only one thing. Makes and receives phone calls. If someone wants to text me, they can email. No chat room on the run for me. I have enough trouble seeing where I go as it is and I like to talk to the peeps I am with.


      • oh-oh … that might mean I’m the only hold-out left in the known universe still using a flip phone. I admit I get a perverse satisfaction from the shocked looks on people’s faces when I answer my antique phone in public.

        Oh, who am I kidding? … I don’t answer my cell phone, especially in public scoff

        I won’t think badly of you Maggie if you leave me for some shiny new technology …. sniff


        • A year or two ago, after the 5 year contract expired, I decided to upgrade. The new phone was garbage compared to the old. Battery life was… well, what battery life? Reception? The phone would drop calls next to a building (the one and only time I took a call while I was out in public. I SWEAR!)

          I sent it back and resurrected the flip phone.

          If Instagram is going to be a necessity for this volunteer job (and I don’t think it will) I will consider a pay as you go deal. I’m keeping the flip phone until it gives up the ghost once and for all.

          So, fear not, Joanne. I’m here for you.


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  2. (back again from the dead here): LOVE flip phones–“purse-dial” people constantly with my smartphone. Would never give it up, mind you. Guess I COULD buy a flippin’ cover for it… (SWIDT?) 🙂

    Congrats on the new site prototype, Maggie! Looks good!


  3. I AM sorry, Maggie, for being such a forgetfully irritating old fart: of course I remember your post about all that. 😦
    Vell dullink, rotsa ruck and I know they’re going to be tickled pink that you volunteered (in fact, they are already, I suspect).


  4. Maggie, I am in awe that you can maintain TWO blogs, let alone all the other SM stuff. (Isn’t it interesting that social media has the same initials as something else…?)


    • Thanks for the awe-ship – but I don’t forget, I don’t have family to care for… no kids, and parents are gone long time ago. No job and am on holidays from school. I will most certainly scale back come September.

      Yes, you have to admire the literary jester that allowed “SM” to represent these two very different terms… or are they all that different?


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