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One Word Photo Challenge Chartreuse (yellow-green)

pyromporphite 910_002 pyromporphite 910_001

Pyromorphite Crystals from the Society Girl Mine, BC, Canada

2.5 x 1.7 x 1.0 cm

Pyromorphite is a secondary lead mineral found in the oxidised zones of lead deposits. Typically coloured green, yellowish, brownish, greyish or white in barrel-shaped hexagonal prisms, in clusters or as druses on matrix. Compared to other countries, Canada doesn’t have as much to show for it in terms of splashy minerals. That’s why I’m particularly smitten by these vividly coloured crystals from British Columbia.

Inspired by Jennifer Nicole Wells’  One Word Photo Challenge: Chartreuse

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33 replies

  1. It reminds me of kryptonite.We better keep it away from Superman. On another note, these are beautifully captured! I’d love to see a picture of your set up sometime. Thank you for sharing!


  2. They are a beautiful shade of green.


  3. I make it a policy to never use colors whose name I cannot spell.


  4. I love your geology posts. I never would have guessed that to be a lead form.


  5. Gorgeous! But it looks like a pickle!



  6. Reminds me of a (really stunted) sajuaro cactus which are my very favorites.


  7. Saguaro. I really should spell it correctly if it’s my favorite. Now I have to write it 100 times. Saguaro…. almost as hard as spelling chartreuse!


  8. Lovely crystal. Great color green.


  9. I want one for our collection.


  10. You sure they are not pod peeples.


  11. It looks just like a dill pickle to me, too, and darn! Where is a Vlasic pickle when you need it?! Beautiful color.


  12. It looks good enough to eat.
    Maybe I should go have breakfast.



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